Tara Reid Nude Playboy Photos Leaked!


Images from Tara Reid’s topless six-page Playboy spread are starting to leak online and they look stroke-able artistic. I’m too chicken shit to post any here being that Playboy is going broke and would most likely sue me for all I’m worth ($50, a PS3, and a couch). But, you can skip over to the brave souls at Totally Crap to masturbate take a peek while you can.

Reid can be seen in the 1998 thriller Urban Legend and in the direct-to-video horror flicks Vipers, Incubus, Alone in the Dark, Devil’s Pond, and The Crow: Wicked Prayer. She’s best known, however, for her role in the original American Pie trilogy and her drunken public behavior.

To see an interview with Tara about her Playboy appearance, go here.