HBO Provides a Taste of What’s to Come On ‘True Blood’ Season 4


HBO has finally released a trailer for the upcoming fourth season of its vampire soap “True Blood” that provides a peek at what’s to come. Normally, I’d give you a recap of where the show left off, but—for the life of me—I just can’t remember. It was good though … just like your sister.

“True Blood” season four premieres on June 26.

Peep the tasty tease:


Scout Taylor-Compton Goes Into ‘The Darkness’


Actress Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween) is set to join Michael Biehn (The Victim) and Frances Fisher (The Roommate) in writer/director Simon Foster’s blackout thriller The Darkness. The project will roll camera on June 8 in Louisiana.

The synopsis reads:

When the world is plunged into darkness, Greg Stonehaven has to somehow get to his children two hundred miles away.

All forms of communication have stopped working. No cell phones, no Internet, no television, and to make matters worse the absence of sunlight is resulting in regular power failures as the electrical grid struggles with unprecedented demand.

It soon completely fails. People are confused and very frightened and their only sources of artificial light will soon run out.

I think I saw this when it was called The Vanishing on Seventh Street.

Compton’s horror creds include the AfterDark 8 Films to Die For entry Wicked Little Things and the Butcher Brothers’ remake of the 1986 comedic-slasher April Fool’s Day. The pretty 22-year-old, however, is best known for taking on the iconic role of Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween 2 re-imaginings.


Porn Star Alexis Texas Battles ‘Bloodlust Zombies’


Professional cock-accessory Alexis Texas makes her mainstream movie debut in Breaking Glass Pictures and Vicious Circle Films’ low-budget horror comedy Bloodlust Zombies. The gorgeous 25-year-old performer, best known for her big ass and totally understandable fear of black cock, plays a research lab survivor trying to escape a viral outbreak.

Peep the trailer:

The film’s official synopsis reads:

Like typical 9-to-5 cubicle dwellers, the workers at Zlantoff Industries are just counting down the minutes and seconds by the end of the day. And just like any office, mishaps are bound to happen: spilt coffee, jammed fax machines … mutant viral outbreaks.

When a chemical spill in the lab on an otherwise uneventful weekday puts the office on emergency lockdown, the staff unwittingly becomes the first test subjects for an experimental, biological weapon – and if the mutant virus doesn’t spur cannibalistic murder, the passive aggressive office banter will.

Bloodlust Zombies is a rollercoaster ride of sex, gore and action.

Alexis Texas is the star of such romantic fare as Anal Buffet 5, Bikini Clad Cum Sluts, Valley of the Facesitters, and Destination Tonsils 2 (the Empire Strikes Back of the series). She is part of the growing number of fuck-performers making the jump to indie-horror (See: Riley Steele, Jasmine St. Claire, Belladonna, Maria Lapiedra, Sora Aoi and Sasha Grey).

Breaking Glass Pictures is the studio behind Half Moon, a werewolf frightener starring porn star and Penthouse Pet Tori Black. Bloodlust Zombies arrives on DVD on July 5.



Actress Katie Aselton, best known for her comedic role as Jenny MacArthur on FX’s fantasy-football series “The League,” is set to star and direct an all-girl thriller written by husband and “League” costar MarK Duplass (Cyrus).

Black Rock follows a group of vacationing girlfriends as their private island getaway turns horrific when they discover that they’re not alone. Joining Aselton on screen are Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns) and Lake Bell (Burning Palms).

Says Aselton (via press release):

I grew up watching classic suspense films and have long had the idea of making a girl-based thriller where the threat to the characters is very real, and the audience is left with the terrifying thought ‘this could happen to me.

Exploring that kind of movie excites me as a filmmaker, and I am elated to have Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth alongside me on the journey.

Aselton made her directorial debut last year with the relationship comedy The Freebie. The 32-year-old former beauty queen will also return for season three of “The League.”

Bosworth recently wrapped Sony Screen Gems’ remake of Sam Peckinpah’s controversial 1971 home-invasion thriller Straw Dogs, in which she’s rumored to go nude. Bell, who starred on NBC’s sea-monster series “Surface,” will next be seen in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.