Sofia Vergara Aims to Please in ‘Machete Kills’


Posted above for your viewing pleasure is Colombian knockout Sofia Vergara’s poster for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills, a sequel to his 2010 grind-house actioner Machete. Vergara plays Madam Desdemona, a leather-clad femme fatale with a deadly bullet bra.

Vergara’s boobs don’t need to shoot ammunition to bring a man down to his knees, but the image is striking and exactly what one would expect from the guy who replaced Rose McGowen’s leg with a machine gun in Planet Terror.

Machete Kills finds the ex-federale (Danny Trejo) recruited by the U.S. government to take down Mexico’s biggest drug cartel leader (Demián Bichir). Set to open on Sept. 13, the film co-stars Mel Gibson as an eccentric billionaire, Charlie Sheen as the U.S. President, Michelle Rodriguez as rebel leader Shé, Jessica Alba as ICE agent Sartana Rivera and Alexa Vega as hit-woman KillJoy.

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