We Are So Ready for an ‘All Girls Weekend’


Uncork’d Entertainment has released a trailer for All Girls Weekend, a backwoods survival frightener about a group of childhood girlfriends rekindling their friendship during a weekend getaway in the mountains. Things go bad when they get lost and turn on each other while stalked by a malevolent force.

The trailer appears to give away many of the movie’s deaths, but there’s zero hint as to who gets naked to skinny dip in a brook or who has lesbian sex near the camp fire so … well played, All Girls Weekend trailer editor, well played.

All Girls Weekend is written and directed by Lou Simon (HazMat) and stars Jamie Bernadette (I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu), Katie Carpenter (“Maid to Order”), Gema Calero (Agoraphobia), Sharron Calvin, and Karishma Lakhani. The film arrives on VOD July 12 and on DVD Sept. 6.

Peep it:

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