Alyssa Julya Smith Is One Foxy Psycho in ‘Jackals’


Scream Factory Films has set a Sept. 1 VOD and limited theatrical release date for Jackals, an 80’s era home invasion thriller from director Kevin Greutert (SAW VI). The film centers on a family under siege at their cabin home by a cult looking to claim back their estranged son as one of their own.

Deborah Kara Unger (The Game) plays the boy’s hot mother and model-turned-actress Alyssa Julya Smith (pictured) is Fox Girl, the hottest mask-wearing psycho since Gemma Ward’s Dollface in The Strangers. Jackals marks Smith’s horror debut and we can only hope to see more of her!

Peep it:

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  1. Another talentless plastic surgery product who can’t act..