Kate Bosworth Faces Apocalyptic Terrror in Tiny Tee!


Kate Bosworth returns to horror with Orion Classics post apocalyptic thriller The Domestics, set to release in selcted theaters June 28 and VOD June 29. The film is written and directed by Mike P. Nelson and co-stars Tyler Hoechlin (“Teen Wolf”).

Bosworth and Hoechlin play a married couple desperately searching for safe haven across a lawless and apocalyptic landscape littered with homicidal gangs warring against each other and victimizing the helpless. Judging by the film’s first released image, Bosworth’s perky nipples raise the stakes on survival!

Bosworth is coming off the creepy kid thriller Before I Wake and amnesia thriller Amnesiac. Notable horror turns include the girl-power, cat-and-mouse thriller Black Rock and Straw Dogs, a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s controversial 1971 home-invasion drama about a married couple terrorized by rape-happy rapscallions in the London countryside.

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