Universal Pictures has released a full-length trailer for its upcoming survival thriller The Hunt, starring “Glow’s” Betty Gilpin (pictured) as the bustiest of 12 abducted strangers forced to participate as prey in an inaugural hunting match for rich elitists eager to claim their poor, dead carcasses as trophies.

Craig Zobel, director of the wonderfully fucked up Compliance, is at the helm for superstar producers Jason Blum and Damon Lindelof (”LOST”), who co-wrote the script with Nick Cuse (”The Leftovers”).

The Hunt is catching buzz for its social-political satire, but we’re more impressed by the bold and continuous display of Gilpin’s giant boobs throughout the film—watch them bounce, swing, and shake as she runs, fights, and tumbles while wearing an eye-catchingly clingy top!

Co-starring with Gilpin are Emma Roberts (”American Horror Story”), Ike Barinholtz (”Mindy Project”), Ethan Suplee (”My Name Is Earl”), Justin Hartley (”This Is Us”), and Oscar-winner Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby). The Hunt arrives in theaters Sept. 27.

Peep it:

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