‘Paranormal Activity’ Fans to Get Credit on DVD/Blu-ray!


Paramount Pictures is thanking Paranormal Activity fans for their devoted support by including their names in the credits of the film’s upcoming DVD and Blu-ray editions. The supernatural thriller first opened in limited release with a series of midnight screenings across the nation’s college towns. A savvy marketing campaign urged moviegoers to go online and demand that the film be shown in their respective cities. In addition, promotional spots depicted the micro-budgeted ghost story as the most frightening picture ever made by showcasing movie audiences as they recoiled in fear during videotaped screenings. Paranormal Activity is now on its way to conjuring up a $100 million boxoffice.

Amy Powell, Paramount’s Senior Vice President, Interactive Marketing, says:

The success of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY would not have been possible without the million-plus fans who went to the ParanormalMovie.com official website and demanded the movie in their home town. They demanded the movie and they got it. So now we are giving them credit where credit is due.

Fans looking for a little bit of gratitude can register their names at ParanormalActivityProject.com by noon on Monday, Nov. 9. Release dates for the DVD and Blu-ray editions of Paranormal Activity have not yet been announced.

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