‘Silent Hill: Shattered Memories’ Debuts for Nintendo Wii on Dec. 8!


Konami Digital Entertainment has announced a Dec. 8 street date for the debut of its Silent Hill franchise on the Nintendo Wii system. The company describes Silent Hill: Shattered Memories as  a re-imaging of the first Silent Hill game.

The synopsis reads:

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories begins just like the original as Harry Mason is searching for his daughter through the snowy streets of the haunted Silent Hill where he will encounter a cast of unique characters. However, this time, players are equipped with only a flashlight and cell phone to get story information, solve puzzles and navigate the darkness while escaping the demons that lurk among them.  In addition, a psych-profiling feature has been added to analyze players and adjust itself to their actions, making this the most customizable and terrifying survival horror title to date.

PSP and Playstation 2 versions of the game will follow soon after.

The Silent Hill games are arguably the best in the horror-survival genre. I recommend locking your doors before initiating game-play. You don’t want anyone walking in on you as your arms are flailing with the Wiimote and you’re calling out for mommy.

Now, check out the trailer:

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  1. Great game, I played this for a while and really enjoyed it. I like most of the Silent Hill games, mostly because I enjoy horror survival games.

    Awesome blog by the way, cheers!