Eli Roth Chickens Out of Directing & Producing ‘Hostel: Part III’


Sony Pictures’ direct-to-DVD label Stage 6 Films is looking towards August to start production on Hostel: Part III, the second sequel to Eli Roth’s 2006 genre game-changer Hostel. Scott Spiegel, who served as executive producer on Hostel 1 & 2, is attached to direct from a script by Michael Weiss (Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D).

Roth, who was said to to be producing, is not involved in the project at all.

He tweets:

Rumor Control: not producing Hostel 3, but it’s in the VERY capable hands of director Scott Spiegel & producers Mike Fleiss & Chris Briggs.

There was a huge demand to continue the series and they are the right team to do it. They’re very smart, creative, and really get it.

Personally, I believe the Hostel movies are the best horror flicks of all time. I’m disappointed that Roth won’t be writing/directing Hostel: Part III and can’t help but think his decision was influenced by Hostel 2’s low box office take and the media’s portrayal of the film’s as “torture porn.”

In my opinion, Hostel 2’s gross suffered due to a poor release date. Whereas the original Hostel film hit theaters in January of ’06, going on to earn over $80 million worldwide, the sequel was dropped smack in the middle of summer, opposite a grip of family fare and tent-pole releases.


Since then, Roth appears to be gun-shy, taking on only producing gigs (The Last Exorcism) and acting roles in films such as Alexandre Aja’s upcoming Piranha 3-D and Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds and Death Proof.  The loss of his movie-making mojo even appears to have taken its toll on the caliber of chicks he bangs.

But, I digress.

According to the exclusive-happy kids at Bloody-Disgusting, Hostel: Part III will be set around a bachelor party in Las Vegas that goes terribly wrong.

Other Stage 6 Films productions include the upcoming 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, The Grudge 3, Vacancy 2, Boogey Man 3, From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money, and the Jenna Jameson vehicle Zombie Strippers.

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