There Will Be Blood: New ‘Saw 3-D’ Images


Looks like Lionsgate is finally getting around to creating some buzz for the final chapter in its record-breaking Saw franchise. The studio has released five new images from director Kevin Greutert’s Saw 3-D, in theaters Oct. 29.

The film is shot in authentic 3-D and stars series regulars Tobin Bell (John Kramer/Jigsaw), Costas Mandylor (Det. Hoffman), Betsy Russell (Jill Tuck), and Cary Elwes (Dr. Lawrence Gordon). New faces include Gina Holden (Final Destination 3), Sean Patrick Flanery (Mongolian Death Worm), Chad Donella (Final Destination), Dean Armstrong (Repo! The Genetic Opera), and the soon-to-be-announced winner of VH1’s “Scream Queens 2.”

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