Carrie-Anne Moss Cast as Claudia Wolf in ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3-D’


Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss and genre icon Malcolm McDowell have been cast as Claudia and Leonard Wolf in producers Samuel Hadida and Don Carmody (Resident Evil: Afterlife) upcoming sequel Silent Hill: Revelation 3-D.

Fans of the Silent Hill video games will recognize the Claudia Wolf character from the series’ third installment. Leonard Wolf is her abusive cult-leader father. Sadly, I never got far enough along the game to figure out their deal (I do, however, kick ass at Q-bert).

Silent Hill: Revelation 3-D is directed by Michael J. Basset and stars  Adelaide Clemens (Vampire) and Kit Harington (”Game of Thrones”) and original Silent Hill stars Radha Mitchell, Deborah Kara Unger, and Sean Bean. The film is currently shooting in Toronto.

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