Isabel Lucas Is Fresh Meat for the Boys in the ‘Loft’


Australian actress Isabel Lucas, best known as the Decepticon with the dangerously long tongue and deliciously short skirt in Transformers 2, is set to join director Erik Van Looy’s men-behaving-badly psych-thriller Loft.

Loft, a remake of Looy’s 2008 Belgian thriller of the same name, is the story of five married men who together rent an apartment where they can each take their mistresses to bone. The plan is sheer genius and works wonderfully up until the point where one of the guys’ conquests is found dead.

Lucas will play a naive little plaything named Sarah. She joins a cast that includes Patrick Wilson (Insidious), James Marsden (Straw Dogs), Wentworth Miller (Resident Evil: Afterlife), Matthias Schoenaerts (Pulsar) and Eric Stonestreet (“Modern Family”).

Up next for Lucas are Relativity Media’s sword-and-sandal fantasy The Immortals and MGM’s long-delayed remake of the classic 1984 actioner Red Dawn. The 26-year-old shelia can also be seen in the 2009 Lionsgate vampire thriller Daybreakers.

Loft will roll cameras on June 6th in Louisiana.

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