Rich Bastard Displays ‘LOST’ Candidate Wall in Business Office!


Last August, Mrs. Muertos and I headed down to the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, CA to attend “LOST: The Official Show Auction and Exhibit.” It was a two-day bittersweet event that allowed fans of the show to bid on all sorts of props and set pieces from the Emmy-winning show.

When all was over and done, the auction had raised over $1.8 million and the lil lady and I were out about $25 (spent on one Dharma water, one Oceanic Airlines water, and a couple of Sawyer sundae specials purchased from one of them fancy gourmet trucks).

Someone who apparently fared better than us was Verbal Ink CEO JR Wurster. The rich bastard took home many “LOST” items including the “Cave Ceiling with Candidate’s Names and Numbers” first seen inside the island’s Cliffside Cave during the episode “The Substitute.” The piece, purchased for $650, now sits in the Verbal Ink office.

Peep it:

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