Megan Fox Tossed a Salad: Why You Should’ve Watched ‘Wedding Band’


Megan Fox was the guest star on Saturday night’s episode of the TBS comedy series “Wedding Band.” The show, about four musician friends who perform at weddings, is toplined by Fox’s husband and “Beverly Hills 90210” alum Brian Austin Green.

Fox played an actress on an immensely popular sci-fi show titled “Nebutopia” that is set to end its six-year run. While having sex with Green’s character, she blurts out how the series will end. Green inadvertently leaks the info and immediately becomes the target of angry bloggers and sci-fi fans.

It’s then up to Fox to save Green from geek-terrorism by appealing to the webmaster of “Nebutopia’s” biggest fan site. Things turn out for the best and Fox celebrates by tossing Green’s salad… yup, you read that.

Peep the scene here.

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