Christian Pitre Makes Granny Panties Look Good in ‘Bounty Killer’ Clip!


Henry Saine’s feature film debut Bounty Killer is now available on VOD. The post apocalyptic actioner is set 20 years after big business takes over the world’s governments, leading to mankind’s downfall and the emergence of a rebel council dedicated to hunting down all surviving CEOs.

Model/actress Christian Pitre (pictured above) plays Mary Death, one of the sexier bounty hunters tasked with executing the world’s remaining corporate heads.

Posted  below is a red band clip from the flick that reveals some groovy gore and Pitre’s granny panties — sure, they’re sexy grany panties, but are we to believe that thongs and g-strings won’t be around in the future? If that’s true, shoot me now.

Peep it:

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