Jessica Alba Strips for the Green Screen in ‘Dame to Kill For’ Photos!


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For came and went pretty quickly, but the memory of Jessica Alba as Nancy the stripper will forever linger in our minds, warming the cockles of our cockles. Of course if you were one of the 12 people who saw the ill-fated sequel, chances are Nancy’s gloomy demeanor served as a buzz kill.

She was no longer the lasso twirling vixen we had come to love in the original. She was dark, moody, depressed, and angry… like the everyday women we meet or know in our lives. It was terrible, but forgivable because she her sourpuss attitude was still wrapped up in skimpy stripper outfits.

And like the great philosophers Blood Hound Gang once said, “The lap dance is always better when the stripper is crying.” But, now, there’s even more reason to love the Nancy character: photos of Alba doing her stripper routine in front of a green screen have leaked online. You’re welcome.

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