Uh-oh … They Made Gemma Arterton Frumpy in ‘Girl with All the Gifts’


The Girl With All the Gifts is set in Britain where the population has been nearly wiped out by a fungal outbreak. Its only hope for salvation is a group of hybrid zombie children, created by a team of scientists to experiment on for a cure.

Helmed by Colm McCarthy (Outcast) and based on Mike Carey’s 2014 novel of the same name, The Girl With All the Gifts stars Sennia Nanua as a potential child savior, Glenn Close as the ruthless scientist experimenting on her, and Gemma Arterton as her former teacher and self appointed guardian.

The film – with its fast running zombies – looks frightening and fun, but regrettably, Arterton’s wardrobe is all frumpy sweater and no skintight leather. It’s a huge mistake hiding her curves and boobage. How are we supposed to care about what happens to her if she looks like your mom?

Peep it:

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