Evangeline Lilly & Emilie de Ravin Re-Shoot Scene for ‘Lost’ Season Premiere Today!


“Lost” actors Evangeline Lilly (Kate Austin) and Emilie de Ravin (Claire Littleton) were in Los Angeles today re-shooting a scene for the season premiere episode of the Emmy award-winning sci-fi series.

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos reports:

The scene was originally taped in Hawaii but had to be reshot, and because Evangeline, Emilie and director Jack Bender all happened to be in Los Angeles (the cast is on hiatus), they decided to shoot it at ABC Studios. According to a source on set, the scene involved a gun, a cab driver and a…wait for it, certain female actress sporting a baby bump.

Well, Mrs. Muertos and I won’t be getting any sleep tonight trying to figure out what this could mean. We’re fairly certain Claire will be the pregnant character, but will it be a flashback episode or have things gone back to square one since Juliette set off the bomb at the Black Swan? One thing is for certain: I need to stake out ABC Studios. Maybe, even Evangeline’s bedroom.


Lost returns on Feb. 2.

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