‘Gossip Girl’ Goes Manga! But, Will Blake Lively Get Raped by Tentacles?


The Yen Press has announced the launch of a new Japanese manga series based on author Cecily Von Ziegesar bestselling Gossip Girl books. Written and illustrated by HyeKyung Baek, Gossip Girl: For Your Eyes Only will re-imagine Ziegesar’s storylines and focus on two of it’s lead bitches: Blair Waldorf and Vanessa Abrams.


The Gossip Girl books—13 in all—follow the backstabbing adventures of troubled teen girls at an elite  private high school in New York. The CW Television Network adapted the first novel in the series to produce the hit show “Gossip Girl,” now on its third season.

Kurt Hassle, publishing director for Yen Press, says:

There are few series in the publishing world that have been as impactful or successful as Cecily von Ziegesar’s GOSSIP GIRL. The novels have captured the imaginations of young women around the world, and we look forward to demonstrating with GOSSIP GIRL: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY that graphic novels as a medium can be just as welcoming to girls as it is to boys.

Especially, if the girls are down with tentacle rape!



I kid. Tentacle rape is only found in hentai. However, manga can be pretty racy and, judging this book by its cover, I’d say we’re finally gonna see some hot snooty beyotches get owned!

Gossip Girl: For Your Eyes Only debuts in January. It will be published monthly.

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