Interactive ‘Avatar’ Exhibit in Los Angeles Today! Transform into a Na’vi!


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is sponsoring an interactive Avatar exhibit today at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles. The event is designed to promote the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of the blockbuster film, available on April 22 (Earth Day).

A 60′-X-10′ structure featuring three morphing stations will capture attendee’s images through state-of-the-art facial-recognition technology and transform them into blue, giant Na’vi tribes-people. A video of the transformation is then emailed to users who provide an email address.

The exhibit kicks off today at 2 p.m. All those who don’t have a job, a girlfriend, or a vagina between their legs are encouraged to attend. Personally, I’ll wait for the cutting-edge technology that will transform my life into that of stupidly-rich asshole James Cameron.

Avatar is the highest earning film of all time and sparked the 3-D craze that has given theater owners the gall to raise prices on 3-D showings.

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