Merry Christmas, Clatto Fiends!


Merry Christmas, heathens! Yeah, once again it’s belated. But, that’s only because I was trying to find the perfect gift to post here for you. So, yeah, it’s your fault. I mean, really, what do you get the site surfer who’s seen it all? I’ve already showed you the 12 Babes of Christmas Horror.

Oh, yeah… BOOBS (courtesy of ZOO, Rachel Williams, and Daisy Watts):

OK, that takes care of the dudes. But, what about the ladies? In the last year or so, we’ve seen a lot more chicas joining the Clatto clan. It’s no surprise; we’re the only horror site reporting on what the females in the genre are doing. Sure, we do it with the finesse of a 13-year-old horn-dog, but there’s lots of love there.

For the ladies: a Christmas carol performed by Christian metal outfit Stryper:

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