Fabianne Therese Toplines Graham Skipper’s Directorial Debut!

Fabianne Therese

Graham Skipper makes his directorial debut with Sequence Break. Skipper is a familiar face to horror fans, starring in a long string of indie frighteners. But, his performance as mad scientist Herbert West in Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator musical is what’s got us excited to see what the man does behind the camera.

If that weren’t enough, Sequence Break is toplined by Starry Eyes stunner Fabianne Therese, playing a young woman who shares a tight and unexpected bond with a down-on-his-luck arcade technician afflicted by horrific hallucinations brought forth by a new machine at his shop.

Sequence Break is written by Skipper and co-stars Chase Williamson (The Guest), Audrey Wasilewski (“Big Love”), and Lyle Kanouse (Auto Focus). Shooting on the film is already underway.

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