Charlotte McKinney Will Scare You Stiff In ‘Flatliners’


Busty-supermodel-turned-busty-actress Charlotte McKinney will set pulses racing in Sony Pictures’ remake  of director Joel Schumacher’s Flatliners, a 1990 sci-fi thriller about med-school students conducting near-death experiments to see what lies in the afterlife.

McKinney plays a nurse with enormous boobs who has sex with a medical student during a comedic scene Deadline reports. McKinney’s natural talents were first seen on screen in Carl’s Jr.’s All Natural Burger ad for Super Bowl XLIX, a viral sensation that broke records with more than 2.5 billion media impressions.

The Flatliners remake is directed by Niels Arden Oplevscribe (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, 2009) from a script by Ben Ripley (The Source Code). Ellen Page (Juno), Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Kiersey Clemens (Neighbors 2), Nina Dobrev (”Vampire Diaries”), and Flatliners O.G. Kiefer Sutherland co-star.

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