Despite taking two years of French in high school, we only truly mastered the ability to ask for a Sausage Croissant at Jack In The Box. Nonetheless we love french thrillers, especially when they are of the erotic nature. One of our favorites is 2003’s Swimming Pool from writer/director Francois Ozon.

Ozon has a new erotic thriller on the horizon titled L’Amant Double. Plot details are still under wraps, but from its title – and that French class – we can deduce it has something to do with a lover’s double. With French model/actress Marine Vacth (pictured above) starring, we’re hoping twins!

Also exciting is the recent casting of one-time sex symbol Jacqueline Bisset (pictured below), who stunned in the 1977 thriller The Deep and the 1983 cougar comedy Class. Bisset is 72 now, but those roles, among others, have a funny way of keeping her ageless.

If L’Amant Double is anything like Swimming Pool, an erotic crime thriller pitting an older woman against a young sexpot, we can expect Bisset’s character to be major. Production is underway in Paris.


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  1. That sausage croissant knowledge won’t help you much in France 😀
    C’mon, french ain’t that hard; 2 years in high school, you should be fluent! 😉