Finally… A Witch Movie Your Penis Can Enjoy: ‘Coven’


Hot, young witches in lingerie is all we need to know to pique our interest in Coven, a Wiccan based thriller conjured up by our cock and balls… oh, wait. That’s not true. It just feels like that. The film is directed by Maragaret Malandruccolo and written by Lizze Gordon. We don’t know who they are, but they’re geniuses!

Coven tells the tale of four undergrad witches in search of a new member to take the place of the one they murdered. Only then will they be able to unleash the powers of an ancient witch.

Gordon not only penned the script, she co-stars in the film alongside stunners Terri Ivens (Piranhaconda), Jocelyn Saenz (Amityville Terror), Sofya Skya (My Stepdaughter), Miranda O’Hare (“Age of the Living Dead”), Jessica Louise Long (Death Pool), and Margot Major (Screwed).

Peep it:

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