You’ll Always Remember Your ‘First Purge’


The Purge, as we’ve come to know, is a government sanctioned 12-hour night during which all criminal activity, including murder, is permissible by law to satiate society’s need to be dicks and keep the peace for the rest of the year – all while slyly encouraging the less fortunate to turn on themselves.

But … did you know that The First Purge got off to a rocky start? Sure, some of your expected ruffians and ne’er-do-wells grabbed their bats and Party City masks to paint the town blood red, but most were too scared and/or morally conflicted to go out. The government had to send in troops incognito.

That’s what we learn while watching the recently released trailer for Blumhouse and Universal Pictures’ new Purge prequel, The First Purge. It makes sense. If you could break any law for one night, wouldn’t you just steal a pizza and stay in illegally downloading movies and music all night? Everything else seems like such a hassle.

Peep it:

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