‘Walking Dead’ Dashes Towards the End!

AMC has released a trailer for part two of “The Walking Dead’s” final season. The terrifying Reapers introduced in season 10, revealed to be a bunch of clowns led by a Chatty Cathy named Pope in season 11, are still in play, but hopefully not for long (seriously, what a disappointment this group became once the masks came off and gave way to yappy, poorly written baddies).

Here’s hoping the new season will stop trying to tack on new shit and focus on the story lines fans care about as the show draws to a close. Namely, let’s get on with Rick! Let’s catch up with Michonne. Give us more Maggie/Negan drama. Also…would a Rosita bikini scene be so out of line now that the show’s coming to an end?

Peep it:

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