Two Horrific Pranks in Honor of April Fool’s Day!


OK, so it’s April Fool’s Day. If you’ve been surfing the web, you’ve probably been mislead and pranked while searching out juicy Hollywood gossip and interracial gang-bang scenes. But, relax, you’re at Clatto now. Here, we laugh at other people’s misfortunes.

It is in that spirit that I am posting the following two videos. You may have seen them before, but they are classic examples of fucked up pranks.

The first made its way around the net back around Christmas time and shows you why so many black people grow up to be so damn angry.

Check it out:

This next vid is especially brutal because we all know how bad it sucks to be poor (see clip above lol). Take a look at some asshats as they trick their buddy into thinking he won the lottery:

Happy April Fool’s. don’t get punked.

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