The debut season of the Starz series “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” treated viewers to hyper-stylized violence, debauched sex, and Lucy Lawless’ first-ever topless scenes. It was everything fans of the swords-and-sandals genre could have expected from Bitch Slap director Rick Jacobson and uber-producer Sam Raimi.

What no one saw coming, however, was the quiet—but erotically-charged—introduction of 22-year-old aspiring actress Laura Surrich in the show’s sixth episode (“Delicate Things”). The pretty New Zealand native played the uncredited role of a nude slave girl taken in a bathhouse by gladiator owner Batiatus (John Hannah) upon his wife Lucretia’s (Lawless) urging.

The slave girl part may not have been a speaking role, but it did get tongues wagging about the busty starlet playing her, especially on this site. I caught up with Surrich to discuss her “Spartacus” experience, her thoughts on nudity, fellow New Zealander Lucy Lawless, future projects, and—yes—her amazing boobs.

(Update: “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” DVD to include extended Laura Surrich orgy scene.)



Muertos: Your part as a slave girl in “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”  is pretty memorable. Did you know the role would be as racy as it was when you first auditioned for it? What were your thoughts about going nude for the part?

Laura: I didn’t quite know the intensity of this role (laughs)! But that’s ok. The nude part of course I was a bit nervous about, but having all the others around me also nude really did normalise the scene for me. I thought to myself ‘Hey, if a professional like Lucy Lawless can do it, then I can do it!’ It’s also just acting to me.

Muertos: Walk us through the filming of that particular scene. What was it like?

Laura: Well, obviously for the sake of us naked actors, they wanted to shoot it nice and quick. The crew did an amazing job looking after us, keeping us warm in between takes. For me, it was about putting my mind into the situation so I wasn’t standing there going ‘ Ah, I’m naked.’ I took myself out of that and I got into the zone of being that slave.


Muertos: Do you get offered a lot of roles requiring nudity at this stage in your career? If so, how do you feel about that and how do you decide when it’s appropriate, or is it not a big deal at all?

Laura: Every speaking role I have been offered, I have been cast as something involving sex. I’m starting to think I’m sending off the wrong messages (laughs). I always think, of course, before I accept the roles about how appropraite it is. “Spartacus” for example, I saw that as apppropriate because back then that was how it really was for the slaves. There was no choices for them and life was cheap. So I saw that as acting a legit role. I would never do anything I considered degrading.

Muertos: My readers have been curious to know your name since your “Spartacus” episode aired. Were you upset that your name was not included in the credits of the episode?

Laura: No (laughs). As much as I would love to have my name out there, I think it’s safer to keep that kind of scene low key. I think you all know why (laughs)! Is a bit late now but still, not one person in New Zealand has mentioned that scene so I’m hoping it stays that way for now.


Muertos: Both you and Lucy Lawless are from New Zealand. Did you guys bond on the set? I picture you two engaged in pillow fights while dressed as warrior princesses in her trailer. Am I wrong?

Laura: (laughs) Lucy was lovely. She is very friendly and easy to get a long with. I feel very privileged to have been able to work with her.

Muertos: How old were you when you began to act?

Laura: I first started when I was 13. At 16 I left school to do a Diploma in Acting. I am now 22. But it has always been something I have had a huge passion for.

Muertos: What was your first professional acting job?

Laura: My first job was acting on another New Zealand show called “The Tribe.” That was only a small part, but I enjoyed that very much. I played one of the ‘Mozzies’, an all female tribe.


Muertos: Could you share something funny or crazy that’s happened to you while on-set?

Laura: Gross or funny, I farted on set once! We were filming and the take was going perfectly until out it slipped. The worst part was it was so loud everyone stopped and laughed. I know, not very lady like but I’m very down to earth and open so I like to share these type of stories (laughs).

Muertos: Tell us about your role in the horror-comedy Diagnosis Death?

Laura: I played a lady named Tawny. The scene was I had just been on a date with Andre (Raybon Kan). We had met online and it was all about him trying to get into bed with me by taking me out to a lavish dinner. Tawny isn’t all about morals so it ends up with Andre getting what he was after.

Muertos: Do you like scary movies? Which are some of your favorites?

Laura: I am such a wimp when it comes to scary movies. I just can’t do them! The scariest is anything supernatural like American Haunting. That kept me hugging my pillow for weeks!


Muertos: You’re also a pop singer and a model. Care to update us on any music and modeling projects?

Laura: I am currently in the process of getting ready to film and release my first music video for my single coming out “Love Lust,” so do look out for that one. Modeling, I have some awesome new shoota coming up which I can’t say to much about at the moment, but I can say they’re very exciting.

Muertos: Any horror/sci-fi roles coming up?

Laura: Not at the moment, but still out there looking for the roles! Any offers (laughs)?

Muertos: On your blog, you  discuss four amazing facts about boobs. Could you tell us four amazing facts about your boobs?

Laura: They’re big (laughs)! But, that’s no secret. I, personally, would like them smaller. They’re almost an E!

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