Magnet Releasing has released a trailer for Thomas Daley’s feature film debut Tiger House, a home invasion thriller starring “Skins” actress Kaya Scodelario (pictured). The film is written by new scribe Simon Lewis, and costars Ed Skrein (”Game of Thrones”) and Dougray Scott (”Hemlock Grove”).

Scodelario plays Kelly, an injured high school gymnast attempting to save the lives of her boyfriend and his family when armed thugs break into their home and take them captive. Tiger House releases on DVD and VOD in October.

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Back in Black: Kate Beckinsale Returns for ‘Underworld 5′


Those worried they’d never see British stunner Kate Beckinsale’s vinyl-clad tush in another Underworld entry can now rejoice! The good people at Screen Gems have delivered enough dump trucks full of cash to Beckinsale’s door ensure her return for a new sequel.

Beckinsale will reprise her role as death dealer Selene in Underworld 5 with “Outlander” director Anna Foerster at the helm, working off a script by Priest scribe Cory Goodman. Production takes place in Prague in October.

No word on the film’s plot other than it will introduce a younger generation of feuding vampires and werewolves. Beckinsale is comming off last year’s psychological thriller Stonehearst Asylum and 2012’s Total Recall re-do and Underworld: Awakening.


‘Knock Knock’ Opens the Door to All Married Men’s Fears!


Lionsgate has released a full-length trailer for fright master Eli Roth’s Knock Knock, a psycho-sexual thriller blending every married man’s greatest fantasy with his worst fear. Keanu Reeves stars as a happily wed man who regrettably allows two hot young girls into his home while his family is away.

Cuban stunner Ana de Armas (El Callejon) and Chilean model/actress Lorenza Izzo (Green Inferno) play the sadistic and sex-crazed visitors. Roth wrote Knock Knock with his Aftershock collaborators Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amoedo.

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‘Supergirl’ Wears Prada in First Trailer Fail!


CBS has released a trailer for “Supergirl,” its new superhero series from Warner Bros. and the producers of “Arrow” and “The Flash” on CBS sister station The CW. The trailer is more than six minutes long, but only gets interesting at the 4:10 mark when star Melissa Benoist (”Glee”) appears in costume.

The outfit is a skintight blue top and tiny red booty shorts, which Supergirl regretfully dismisses in favor for a short red skirt and cape. The skirt works and adds promise to the show—a kind of ridiculous Devil Wears Prada meets “The Hills” meets superhero mix that looks like this Black Widow SNL skit.

“Supergirl” follows Superman’s hot 24-year-old cousin, Kara Zor-El, living on earth after the destruction of her planet Krypton. Bearing the same superpowers as the Man of Steel, she sets out to save mankind.

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Benetone Films has set a June 19 VOD and theatrical release date for writer and director James Cullen Bressack’s new supernatural thriller Pernicious. The film follows three American girlfriends on holiday in Thailand where they inadvertently disturb the malicious spirit of a murdered child.

The trio of BFFs is played by stunners Ciara Hanna (”Power Rangers”), Jackie Moore (Atlantic Rim), and Emily O’Brien (”Young and the Restless), but good luck trying to keep a boner during all that man-torture! Regardless, the story seems cool, the setting intriguing, and the ghost child very creepy.

Images from the gruesome movie have been released and are posted below. To see the trailer, go here.


First Look at Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in ‘Suicide Squad’


Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, an adaptation of the DC Comic about a group of super-villains brought together by a government agency for a suicide mission. The first images of the Australian stunner in her costume have gone online, and we can rejoice!

Ayer has made the bold choice of bucking comic book movie convention in giving his female lead a sexy, revealing outfit. Sure, the boobs aren’t out enough, but them shorts are pretty tight. In these type of movies where male characters outnumber female, you take what you can, and this is more than usual.

Harley Quinn is the Joker’s (Jared Leto) emotionally damaged girlfriend, a former Arkham Asylum psychiatrist manipulated by the Joker to aid in his evil ways. The role marks Robbie’s third high-profile project following the Will Smith glossy crime caper Focus and Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street.


Get Some Skin: Peep the ‘Anarchy Parlor’ Trailer!


Gravitas Ventures has released a trailer for Kenny Gage and Devon Downs’ new slasher Anarchy Parlor (formerly titled Parlor). Releasing in theaters June 19 and on VOD May 12, the film stars Robert Lasardo as a renowned tattoo artist targeting American tourists in Lithuania for his underground art business.

Anarchy Parlor co-stars hot and talented newcomer Tiffany DeMarco, gorgeous Finnish model and tattoo artist Sara Fabel, and beautiful, busty British lad models Joey Fisher and Beth Humphreys.

We caught Anarchy Parlor’s world premiere at last year’s Screamfest LA and thought it to be one of the most enthralling and fun slashers in recent horror, chockful of outrageous gore, frivolous nudity, and twisted humor. Read our review here.

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Will Schoolgirl Megan Fox Make You Shell Out for ‘TMNT 2′


Images of Megan Fox as April O’Neil on the set of producer Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 have gone online. Despite a questionable blonde wig, Fox looks absolutely stunning in the shots, wearing a sexy schoolgirl getup complete with pleated skirt and knee-high socks.

The outfit provides a sigh of relief for dads who will be dragged by their kids to watch the sequel to the inexplicable 2014 blockbuster. Kudos to Bay and director Dave Green for that display of kindness.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is Bay’s reboot of the popular comic first published in 1984 by Mirage Studios. It centers on four turtles that mutate into crime fighting humanoids after being exposed to radioactive slime. TMNT 2 arrives June 3, 2016.


Welcome to ‘Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre’


Below is the trailer for Chopping Mall and Not of This Earth director Jim Wynorski’s newest masterpiece, Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre. The film stars Traci Lords, making her return to horror since 2013’s Devil May Call and the acclaimed 2012 arthouse frightener Excision.

Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre follows a sexy group of female prison inmates on the lam in the Arkansas Bayou where giant prehistoric sharks hunt them in the swamp and on land Looney Tunes style.

Co-starring with Lords are a bevy of genre stunners including Dominique Swain (Girl from the Naked Eye), Cindy Lucas (Piranhaconda), Christine Nguyen (College Coeds vs. Zombie Housewives), and Amy Rasimas Holt (Dinocroc vs. Supergator).

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May the Fourth be with you.

It is a glorious day for Star Wars fans. Variety.com posted exclusive images from J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The pics were shot by Annie Leibovitz and give us our first look at Adam Driver (”Girls”) as Kylo Ren and Gwendoline Christie (”Game of Thrones”) as Captain Phasma.

Both Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma are loyalists to what remains of the Empire after its defeat in Return of the Jedi. Variety also reveals pics of Lupita Nyong in the motion capture that will transform her into pirate Maz Kanata, Oscar Isaac as a Resistance X-Wing pilot, and a variety of colorful background characters.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives in theaters Dec. 18.