Christina Ricci Is a Milf w/ ‘Monstrous’ Problems!

Screen Media has released Monstrous, a creature feature starring Christina Ricci as an abused wife and milf who escapes her asshole husband with her kid only to face off against a more terrifying monster.

Ricci’s impressive career includes a string of memorable frighteners and thrillers, including 90’s childhood classics The Adams Family and Casper, Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, Wes Craven’s Cursed, sexy supernatural thriller After.Life, kink-fueled abduction drama Black Snake Moan, Lifetime’s “Lizzie Borden Chronicles,” and Monster, based on serial killer Aileen Wuornos and her lesbian lover.

She currently can be seen in Showtime’s insanely addicting mystery thriller “Yellowjackets.”

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Olivia Munn Gets Her Hot Tail Cast In ‘Walking Dead’ Anthology Series!

Stunner Olivia Munn is joining “Tales of the Walking Dead,” a new anthology series featuring stand-alone stories rooted in “The Walking Dead” universe and built around old and new characters, set to premiere in summer on AMC and AMC+.

No details on Munn’s character other than she’s insanely hot and must survive the zombie apocalypse.

Munn is best known for her wild hosting shenanigans on defunct network G4’s “Attack of the Show,” HBO’s old-people drama “The Newsroom,” a glorious topless turn in male-stripper dramedy Magic Mike, playing big-boobed, ninja-assassin Psylocke in Marvel’s X-Men: Apocalypse, and destroying Shane Black’s awesome Predator reboot the weekend of its release by beating a dead horse with a rehashed #MeToo tale.


Adria Arjona Gets Your Blood Pumping In ‘Morbius’

Puerto Rican stunner Adria Arjona stars in Sony-Marvel’s Morbius, the newest entry in the Spider-man Universe about a scientist who becomes a vampire after attempting to cure the rare blood disease afflicting him. Jared Leto plays Morbius, but Arjona, who plays his hot scientist girlfriend, is who we’re eager to see.

Arojana first caught buzz playing sexy girlfriend to Taylor Kitsch’s troubled cop on HBO’s rightfully maligned season two of “True Detective.” Her notable film creds include The Belko Experiment from director Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) and writer James Gunn and Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, a sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s 2013 mecha-inspired robot vs. sea monsters epic.

Morbius is in theaters now.


Ana de Armas goes nude in Adrian Lyne’s (Fatal Attraction, Indecent Exposure, Unfaithful) new erotic thriller Deep Water, based on novelist Patricia Highsmith’s book of the same name. While reviews have been surprisingly awful for the film, this could be our last chance to see Aramas nude as she’s entered the A-list club with acclaimed films Knives Out and No Time to Die.

Now streaming on Hulu, Deep Water stars Armas as a hotwife in a loveless marriage who’s made a willing cuckold out of her husband (Ben Affleck) to keep their wedded facade going. When he grows resentful and bodies of her former lovers start popping up, she must soon find a way out before death do they part.

Armas has been honored on Clatto’s esteemed list of The 5 Hottest Nude Acting Performances of 2017 and The 5 Hottest Nude Acting Performances of 2015.

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“Vikings” stunner Alyssa Sutherland stars in Evil Dead Rise, a new entry in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise. Produced by Raimi and helmed by Lee Cronin (Hole in the Ground), the R-rated film is set to premiere on HBO Max later this year.

Sutherland plays a hot, single milf raising three kids in a crappy L.A. apartment. Things get worse when her hot, younger sister (Lily Sullivan) drops in for a visit and they discover the Book of the Dead hidden deep in the building, inadvertently unleashing evil demons.

Sutherland is best known for playing hot Queen/Princess Aslaug on the History Channel’s “Vikings.” The 5’10” former model followed the hit series with a role on the awful 2017 small-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Mist.”


Putin Poet AnnaLynne McCord Stars in Evil ‘Titanic’

When AnnaLynne McCord isn’t reciting love poems to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, she’s making quality entertainment like her latest Titanic 666, a comedic and supernatural companion piece to the epic James Cameron blockbuster. Set a 110 years after the legendary ship’s tragic voyage, the horror comedy follows a high-tech replica of the ship as it visits the site of the original vessel’s sinking.

It’s all smooth sailing until the boat reaches its destination and all sorts of evil stuff starts happening. McCord plays a hot Instagram influencer hired to promote the ship and event. She’s joined by Keesha Sharp as the ship’s hot, milfy captain, and Lydia Hearst as a hot activist and stowaway.

McCord, best known for her roles on FX’s “Nip/Tuck” and The CW’s “90210,” has starred in a few notable horror flicks including Excision, The Haunting of Molly Hartley, Day of the Dead, Scorned, and 68 Kill. She can currently be seen on Apple TV’s “Physical.”


Kate Beckinsale brings her hot British milf-y-ness to The Immaculate Room, a psychological thriller that isn’t a sequel to her 2016 effort, The Disappointments Room. Set to release later this year from Screen Media, producers describe the film as an intelligent and sexy sci-fi actioner which we hope translates to Beckinsale in skimpy undies.

Beckinsale costars with Emile Hirsche as a happily married couple offered five million dollars to live in a white room for 50 days. The room, of course, reveals secrets and personal demons that threatened to destroy their marriage.

Beckinsale is best known for her role as sexy death dealer Selene in Screen Gems’ popular Underworld franchise. She’s also had notable roles in Stephen Sommers’ 2004 vampire-thriller Van Helsing, Nimrod Antal’s Vacancy, the Adam Sandler sci-fi dramedy Click, and 2012’s Total Recall reboot.


‘Walking Dead’ Dashes Towards the End!

AMC has released a trailer for part two of “The Walking Dead’s” final season. The terrifying Reapers introduced in season 10, revealed to be a bunch of clowns led by a Chatty Cathy named Pope in season 11, are still in play, but hopefully not for long (seriously, what a disappointment this group became once the masks came off and gave way to yappy, poorly written baddies).

Here’s hoping the new season will stop trying to tack on new shit and focus on the story lines fans care about as the show draws to a close. Namely, let’s get on with Rick! Let’s catch up with Michonne. Give us more Maggie/Negan drama. Also…would a Rosita bikini scene be so out of line now that the show’s coming to an end?

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Milf Alicia Silverstone Swims w/ Sharks!

Nineties sex symbol Alicia Silverstone unleashes her newfound milfy-ness in the shark thriller The Requin, in limited theatrical release and VOD Jan. 28. Silverstone plays a woman suffering from PTSD after losing a child at birth and whose marriage is on the verge of going belly up. No word on what the shark’s problem is.

Silverstone meets shark when the shit-hole resort she and her husband are attempting to save their marriage at is swept away by a storm, leaving them out to sea to fend off a sea-full of man-eaters. While the trailer spends most of its two-minute running time hiding Silverstone’s ass, we Crush fans are thirsty enough to hope for the best.

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Women’s Fear of Being Fat Explored in ‘Shapeless’

XYZ has released a trailer for Shapeless, a body-horror thriller set around hot women’s fear of being fat. Kelly Murtagh, of the “Purge” TV series and Amazon Prime’s Bingo Hell, plays a New Orleans singer with an eating disorder that threatens her well being and that of others.

Samantha Aldana makes her directorial debut with Shapeless, which is co-written by Murtagh. Hot co-stars include Sherri Eakin (Santa Jaws), Jamie Neumann (“The Deuce”), Erika Ashley (Queen Sugar), and Tenea Intriago (“Castle Rock”). Look for it Feb. 10.