Get Your Knotfest 2015 Tix & Enjoy the Apocalypse!

If you’ve watched movies and TV shows about the apocalypse, you’ve probably thought two things: that kinda looks fun and you wouldn’t last a day. Deep down in your black and rotting heart, you know running around decaying and burning cities free to indulge in your darkest, most base desires sounds awesome.

BUT… you also know chances are more likely your leg will end up on someone’s looted Foreman’s grill, the main course for a roving band of cannibals. Yup… stick a fork in you; you’re done. The way we see it… the apocalypse would be a fun place to visit, not live.

Well, here’s your chance! Slipknot invites you to spend “13 Hours of the Apocalypse” at Knotfest, its annual heavy music festival. The event takes place Oct. 24 and 25 at the San Manuel Amphitheater and festival grounds in San Bernardino, CA.

Knotfest features 50 bands on five stages. Performers include metal gods Judas Priest and heavy-hitters Korn, Suicidal Tendencies, Body Count, Mastodon, Corrosion of Conformity, Trivium, Cannibal Corpse, The Sword, GWAR, Helmet and many more. Slipknot headline both nights with different sets.

Knotfest also includes carnival rides and attractions, including the Slipknot Museum, Massive Fire Hell Zone, Ring of Fire, Fighting Thunderdome, zipline, sideshow freak show and more. For complete festival details, visit the Knotfest website.

Early bird tickets go on sale Monday, June 29.


Dakota Fanning, Kit Harington Bring Fire to ‘Brimstone’


Dakota Fanning and Kit Harington (”Game of Thrones”) have joined Guy Pearce in writer/director Martin Koolhoven’s Brimstone. Fanning plays the film’s protagonist, a young woman running from her past and Pearce’s fearsome preacher. Harington portrays an outlaw who runs across her.

Principal photography on Brimstone has begun and shooting will take place in Romania, Spain and Germany. Fanning and Harington replace Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Robert Pattinson (Twilight Saga).

Fanning is coming off The Twilight Saga and has starred in notable thrillers Trapped, Hide and Seek, Push, Coraline, and War of the Worlds. Harington is coming off a devastating season of HBO’s brilliant and brutal “Game of Thrones.”



Your mother/daughter fantasies will run rampant when Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s new Fox anthology series “Scream Queens” premieres Sept. 22. “Angel” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alumna Charisma Carpenter has been announced to play mom to tween pop music sensation Ariana Grande.

The horror-comedy runs 15 episodes and is set on a college campus plagued by a series of brutal murders on the 20th anniversary of a horrid event that befell a hopeful sorority pledge.

“Scream Queens” is toplined by iconic scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis and “American Horror Story” regular Emma Roberts. Co-stars include Lea Michele (”Glee”), Abigail Breslin (Maggie), Joe Manganiello (”True Blood”), and—this being a Ryan Murphy show—retards and celebrity cameos.

Ariana Grande plays Charisma's daughter!

Ariana Grande plays Charisma's daughter!

Carpenter first broke hearts as high school teen-turned-vamp-killer Cordelia Chase on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and spinoff “Angel.” She went on to score roles on “Veronica Mars,” Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables, and a string of indie horror culminating in this year’s Bound, a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired thriller from TheAsylum featuring a mind-blowing nude turn by Carpenter.

Grande is a Nickelodeon star. These days, she is best known for her terrible music.



MTV has released the first eight minutes of the pilot episode of its small screen adaptation of Wes Craven’s “Scream.” Former Disney star Bella Thorne (”Shake It Up”) steps in for Drew Barrymore and reenacts the slasher’s gruesome opening.

But… don’t expect any of the original’s humor. Forget the popcorn and the phone call and the movie trivia. This is by-the-numbers horror for today’s smart phone crowd. It’s not a total loss though. The new “Scream” mask looks menacing and Thorne’s tush is spectacular.

“Scream: The Series” premieres June 30.

Peep it:


Winona Ryder Joins Supernatural Series for Netflix!


Winona Ryder is toplining Netflix’s new supernatural series. The eight-episode show remains untitled, but is set in the ’80s and follows the mysterious disappearance of a two-year-old boy as police, family, and friends uncover frightening government experiments and evil paranormal forces during their search.

Ryder plays the boy’s working-class mom. “Wayward Pines” writers Matt and Ross Duffer direct the show, marking Ryder’s debut as a series regular.

Ryder has an impressive string of frighteners and genre offerings under her belt, including Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, Frances Ford Coppola’s Dracula, Alien: Resurrection, Richard Linklater’s Scanner Darkly, and Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. But it’s her role in the black-comedy Heathers that forever makes her awesome.


Father Knows Best in ‘Green Inferno’ Trailer!


BH Tilt, Jason Blumhouse’s new multi-platform label, has released a new trailer for its recently acquired Eli Roth frightener The Green Inferno. Written by Roth and his Aftershock collaborator Guillermo Amoedo, the gory cannibal thriller marks Roth’s return to directing since 2007’s Hostel 2.

Shot in the rainforests of Peru, The Green Inferno follows student activists from New York caught and cooked in the Amazon by an endangered tribe of cannibals they had set out to rescue. The trailer finds hippie Lorenza Izzo warned by her sensible dad Richard Burgi about the dangers of do-gooding.

The Green Inferno co-stars Ariel Levy (Aftershock), pop singer Sky Ferreria and Kirby Bliss Blanton (Project X). The feast is set for Sept. 25

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Charlize Theron Takes Us to ‘Dark Places’… and We Like It!


A24has released a new trailer for French director Gilles Paquet-Brenner’s English-language debut Dark Places, an adaptation of the 2009 bestseller by novelist Gillian Flynn (”Gone Girl”). Charlize Theron toplines the film, co-starring with Nicholas Hoult and stunners Christina Hendricks and Chloe Grace Moretz.

Theron plays Libby Day, a girl who at the age of seven testified against her brother in the brutal massacre of her family. Twenty-five years later, Libby is a hot mess. Looking to turn a profit from her tragedy, she agrees to help a group called The Kill Club to re-investigate the case.

Dark Places plays exclusively on DIRECTV this month. It opens in theaters and VOD Aug. 7.

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Texas Gets ‘The Leftovers’


HBO has released a teaser for season two of its rapture series “The Leftovers.” Created by Damon Lindelof (“LOST”) and Tom Perrotta, author of the novel it’s based on, the show follows the lives of those left behind on earth to deal with the pain of losing loved ones and not being chosen for the Sudden Departure.

The new season moves from New York to the town of Jarden, Texas where not a single soul was taken during the Sudden Departure. Returning are Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Margaret Qualley and Chris Zylka as the Garvey family

Christopher Eccleston as Reverend Matt Jamison and Carrie Coon as Slayer fan Nora Durst also return. The rest of the cast is toast. “The Leftovers” premieres this fall.

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Lou Diamond Philips is set to play satanic serial killer Richard Ramirez in Megan Griffiths’ The Night Stalker. The film centers on a lawyer attempting to get a confession out of Ramirez to save a client from the death penalty. Ramirez’s real-life murder spree in LA from 1984 – 1985 serves as back-story.

Ramirez was captured on August 29th by outraged residents of East L.A. who recognized him from mug shots printed on newspapers, giving chase when he tried to steal a vehicle to flee police. He was found guilty on 13 counts of murder, five attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults and 14 burglaries.

Ramirez was sentenced to death in 1989, but died of lymphoma while on death row in San Quentin in 2013.




“Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson toplines Branden Kramer’s feature directorial debut Ratter, a disturbing cyber-thriller about a New York graduate student stalked online and off by a “ratter” hacking into all her technical devices and accounts.

Ratter is based on Kramer’s 2012 short Webcam and has been picked up by Sony Pictures for worldwide distribution. Webcam has been viewed more than six million times on Vimeo.

Benson is best known for playing bulimic turned bombshell diva Hanna Marin on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” but is also permanently etched in the brains of the few of us who saw Spring Breakers as Brit, the hottest and bustiest of the film’s bikini-clad armed robbers.