Faster than a speeding bullet, CBS announces Melissa Benoist (”Glee”) as its “Supergirl.” The hour-long show is from Warner Bros. and the producers of the hit, tween-centric superhero shows “Arrow” and “The Flash” on CBS sister station The CW.

“Supergirl” finds Superman’s hot 24-year-old cousin, Kara Zor-El, living on earth since the destruction of her planet Krypton. Bearing the same superpowers and weakness to Kryptonite as the man of steel, Kara decides to become the hero she was meant to be.

Unfortunately, the Supergirl costume is designed by Colleen Atwood, designer of the outfits for “Arrow” and “The Flash”…  so kiss goodbye any possibilities of seeing Supergirl in a hot little red mini and go-go boots. Somewhere Helen Slater is spinning in her grave.


Peep Mischa Barton in ‘Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard’


Anchor Bay has released a trailer for Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard, starring Billy Zane (Titanic) and Mischa Barton (The Sixth Sense). The zombie apocalypse thriller is written and directed by Harrison Smith and arrives on home video Feb. 3.

Barton made her horror debut as a tween in the 1999 M. Night Shyamalan mind-blower The Sixth Sense. She returned to the genre in 2009 with roles in the buried-alive frightener Walled In and the psycho-bitch thriller Homecoming, and starred most recently in the horror satire L.A. Slasher.

Peep it:



NBC has released a trailer for season three of “Hannibal,” its hour-long crime drama chronicling the early days of Hannibal Lecter, the notorious cannibal/serial killer first introduced in the Thomas Harris novels “Red Dragon” and “Silence of the Lambs.”

The new season will find FBI profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) chasing down Hannibal Lecter in Europe, while also exploring his past. Memorable parts from the books “Red Dragon” and “Hannibal Rising” will serve as inspiration. The show returns this summer.

Peep it:


‘Knock Knock’ Teaser Comes Knockin’


Eli Roth dropped a short but very sweet teaser this week to promote the Sundance premiere of his new psycho-sexual thriller Knock Knock. Keanu Reeves stars as a happily married man who regrettably allows two hot young girls into his home while his family is away.

Roth wrote Knock Knock with his Aftershock collaborators Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amoedo. The hot psycho chicks are played by Cuban stunner Ana de Armas (El Callejon) and Chilean model/actress Lorenza Izzo (Green Inferno).

Peep it:



Milla Jovovich took to her Facebook account to announce that cameras are set to roll in August on the sixth and final installment of Screen Gems hugely successful Resident Evil franchise. Slated for a Sept. 2, 2016 release, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has been on hold since Jovovich’s pregnancy last August.

Jovovich said:

I’m really proud of myself for not gaining the same amount of weight that I did with our first child (75 lbs.) because I have to be ready to start filming Resident Evil- The Final Chapter in August of this year and I will also be nursing an infant simultaneously.

The announcement thrilled fans of the series hoping to get another go-around with Alice (Jovovich), Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), and Ada Wong (Li Bingbing), while inadvertently shaming your fat-ass mom who can barely walk much less scissor-kick a pack of zombie Dobermans.


David Duchovny On Board for ‘X-Files’ Limited Series!


Fox is in talks with Chris Carter to reboot the “X-Files” for a limited series run. David Duchovny is already on board to reprise his role as FBI agent Fox “Spooky” Mulder… just as long as Carter and Gillian Anderson return (duh) and the show does not run a full season.

Duchovny tells USA Today:

I’m more than happy and excited to bring it back and do it again with Gillian and Chris. I’m assuming that it will happen sooner rather than later now. We’ll see what form, how many (episodes).

Certainly I can’t nor would I be interested in doing a full season. It will be in some kind of limited form. We’re all old, we don’t have the energy for a full season.

Duchovny is coming off the hilarious Showtimes series “Californication,” and will next be seen in “Aquarius” as a Los Angeles police sergeant in the 1960’s investigating a young hooligan and charismatic cult leader named Charles Manson.


Italian Starlet Matilda Lutz Tapped for ‘The Ring’ Reboot!


Italian actress Matilda Lutz is reportedly tapped to play the female lead in Paramount Pictures’ second full-length sequel to its horrifying 2002 blockbuster The Ring. Directed by Spanish filmmaker F. Javier Gutierrez (Before the Fall), the new entry is titled Rings and will feature a new cast.

Rings shares the title of the 2005 Jonathan Liebesman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) movie short bridging The Ring and The Ring 2, both starring Naomi Watts. In the short, cults called Rings have emerged and challenge each other to watching the cursed videotape.

Lutz is best known for her international film and television work. No word yet on what her role calls for, nor on a release date for the sequel. The first two Ring films have grossed more than $400 million worldwide, and remain pretty damn frightening to this day.



Lea Michele is bringing the pipes that made her a star on Ryan Murphy’s tween musical series “Glee” to Murphy’s new Fox show “Scream Queens.” Described as a horror-comedy, the first season of the anthology series will run 15 episodes and is toplined by horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts.

“Scream Queens” is set on a college campus plagued by a series of brutal murders. Cameras roll in spring with a fall premiere in the cards. Co-stars include Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), Joe Manganiello (”True Blood”), Keke Palmer (Animal), and—this being a Ryan Murphy show—a retard of some kind.

Michele’s only other horror outing was in 2011’s Glee: The 3D Concert Movie in which a generally good mix of songs were butchered by the cast of “Glee”… in 3D. “Scream Queens” is Ryan Murphy’s followup to his rightfully acclaimed horror anthology series “American Horror Story.”


Wild News: ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Star Kristen Connolly Joins the ‘Zoo’


Cabin in the Woods starlet Kristen Connolly is joining the new CBS series “Zoo,” a 13-episode adaptation of the bestselling 2012 James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge novel about a mysterious wave of animal attacks. Connolly plays a passionate journalist looking to uncover the cause for the animal uprising.

Directed by Brad Anderson (The Call), “Zoo” stars James Wolk as an American zoologist who believes animals are plotting to take back dominion over the world, one kill at a time. He saves the life of beautiful French ecologist Nora Arnezeder on safari, and together they set out to prove that animals hate us.

Connolly made her horror film debut in 2008 with a bit part in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening. But what put her on fright fan’s map was the impressive one/two punch of starring in Barry Levinson’s The Bay and producer Joss Whedon’s fuck-you to the horror genre The Cabin in the Woods.


Sam Rockwell Tells Us Why ‘Poltergeist’ Remake Will Suck Donkey Dicks!


Well it looks like Poltergeist fans can thank Sam Rockwell for saving them a few bucks at the box office this July when producer Sam Raimi and director Gil Kenan’s remake of Tobe Hooper’s brilliantly horrifying 1982 original arrives in theaters.

Sam Rockwell is playing the role of the dad in the film about a family tormented by malicious and angry spirits. The part originally played by Craig T. Nelson. In a chat with Collider, Rockwell admits that the remake is nothing more than a kid flick now.

Rockwell said:

The 10-year-old boy is really the protagonist this time.  JoBeth Williams was the protagonist for the most part in the first one and now the kid, it’s really through his point-of-view.  So it’s more of a kids’ movie so I don’t know if it’s gonna be like rated-R scary. It’s not like The Conjuring type of scary.

If that isn’t bad enough, Rockwell doesn’t even appear remotely confident that the remake is any good at all! In fact, he seems worried.

I hope it’s good.  I really don’t know.  I really wish I could tell you.  I’m praying that it’s – I mean, it’s gonna be hard to live up to the first one.  The first one’s pretty damn good.  This one’s gonna be in 3D though, I can tell you that.

So… there you have it from one of the film’s leads: it’s un-scary garabage, but you can watch it in 3D with whatever group of tweens haven’t figured out how to stream movies illegally on their iPhones yet.