Wait…’Cursed’ Is Not a Lindsay Lohan Biopic???

Hot mess Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls) has set down her crack-pipe long enough to star in Cursed, a film that is surprisingly not her biopic but instead a supernatural thriller co-starring human drug Mickey Rourke (Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man).

Helmed by Steven R. Monroe (I Spit On Your Grave, 2010), Cursed stars Lohan as a sexy police detective who teams up with a renowned psychiatrist (Rourke) in an attempt to rescue five hostages from a deadly psychopath.

Lohan made her horror film debut in the 2007 serial-killer drama I Know Who Killed Me and has co-starred in Robert Rodriguez’s grindhouse actioner Machete and Dimension Films’ Scary Movie 5.


Megan Fox to Play Sexy Astronaut in ‘Aurora’

We’d call it a comeback, but Megan Fox has been on loop in our heads since revving our engines in Michael Bay’s Transformers. After a much too long hiatus from the big screen—where she graciously gifted us stroke-worthy performances in the criminally underrated Jennifer’s Body and the rightfully panned, but oh-my-God-she’s never looked-hotter, Jonah Hex—the iconic sexpot is set to star in Aurora.

Helmed by some guy named Lazar Bodroža, the sci-fi thriller has Fox playing a hot astronaut stationed in space to monitor solar storms that threatened Earth. Shock waves from the storms are bending time and Fox is soon caught in a rift between her past and present. Cameras roll in May.

No word on how exactly producers plan to make Fox’s astronaut sexy, but we’re hoping for a suit that’s a two-piece with a thong back and jetpack—something alluring that is obviously rooted in science. Fingers crossed they get it right. Fox deserves a righteous comeback!


Riley Keough Goes Nude In ‘The Lodge’

Riley Keough, granddaughter of Elvis Presley and co-star of acclaimed horror indies It Comes At Night and The House That Jack Built, goes topless once again in The Lodge, a psychological thriller that pits a suicide cult survivor against her boyfriend’s bratty kids while at the family cabin during a snow storm.

Now, truth-be-told, Keough is the reason their daddy is divorcing their emotionally unstable mom. She’s also agreed to marry him. This trip is an opportunity for her to bond with the kids while taking care of them as their dad heads back to work, promising to be back in a couple of days.

Keough, who placed in our prestigious list for Top 10 Nude Acting Performances of 2018, is seen topless when she steps out of the shower only to be peeped at by the young boy. Knowing this is important to the story to keep you invested while it crawls towards its resolution.


Charlotte McKinney Makes ‘Fantasy Island’ Worth Visiting!

Instagram stunner turned model/actress Charlotte McKinney plays a bikini-clad dream girl in Fantasy Island, a big screen adaptation of ABC’s late-70s/early-80s series from director Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) and writing duo Jillian Jacobs and Christopher Roach (Truth Or Dare) for Blumhouse.

“Fantasy Island” follows guests to a magical island where their wildest wishes come true, but with potentially devastating consequences. Michael Pena (“Narcos: Mexico”) plays the iconic role of island host Mr. Roarke – originally made famous by Ricardo Montalban.

Additional cast includes Lucy Hale (Truth Or Dare), Maggie Q. (“La Femme Nikita”), Portia Doubleday (“Mr. Robot”), Jimmy O. Yang (“Silicone Valley”), Ryan Hansen (“Veronica Mars”), Michael Rooker (“Walking Dead”), and Kim Coates (“Sons of Anarchy”).

But, it’s McKinney in an itty-bitty thong bikini who keeps Fantasy Island afloat on the hopes that everyone else will die in this crappy adaptation and we can go back to drooling over the gorgeous blonde stunner!


‘Stranger Things 4’ Teases a Much Better Season!

Netflix has released the teaser “From Russia with Love” to announce the upcoming fourth season of “Stranger Things,” revealing the fate of police chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour)—seen imprisoned in snowy Kamchatka under dire circumstances.

Creators and showrunners The Duffer Brothers say Hopper will “face dangers both human…and other” and promise the show’s new season will be its biggest and most frightening to date. Being that season three was far too silly and void of any true tension, here’s hoping things can go back to strange.

Peep it:


Universal Pictures has set a March 13 release date for its satirical survival thriller The Hunt, starring Betty Gilpin (“Glow”) as the bustiest of 12 abducted strangers forced to participate as prey in an inaugural hunting match for rich elitists eager to claim their poor, dead carcasses as trophies.

Craig Zobel (Compliance) directs for superstar producers Jason Blum and Damon Lindelof (”LOST”), who penned the script with Nick Cuse (”The Leftovers”). Co-stars include Emma Roberts (”AHS”), Ike Barinholtz (”Mindy Project”), Ethan Suplee (”My Name Is Earl”), and Oscar-winner Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby).

The Hunt was slated for release last year, but was pulled to generate fake controversy for a better showing in March (damn fake news!). We’re just thrilled to know we’ll see Gilpin kicking ass in a clingy top!

Peep the new trailer:


Oh ‘Boy!’ Katie Holmes Is a Milf In Peril!

STX Films has released a new trailer for Brahms: The Boy II, a sequel to the surprise 2016 hit, starring Lauren Cohan (“The Walking Dead”) as a hot nanny hired to look after a creepy, life-like doll named Brahms. Original Boy director William Brent Bell and writer Stacey Menear are back at the helm and have tapped Katie Holmes to star as a hot mom whose son bonds with the spooky doll.

Brahms: The Boy II marks Holmes return to horror since the 2010 Guillermo del Toro produced remake of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Holmes, who came to fame on the popular teen soap “Dawson’s Creek,” is forever revered for her epic and timeless topless scene in the fittingly titled Sam Raimi supernatural thriller The Gift.


Lionsgate released today a first trailer for Spiral: From the Book of SAW, comedian Chris Rock’s much buzzed about new entry in the recently rebooted SAW franchise. Rock, who conceived the film’s story and serves as an executive producer, stars as a detective investigating a series of horrific murders.

Director Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW II-IV) is once again at the helm. Co-stars include Samuel L. Jackson as Rock’s foul-mouthed father, Max Minghella (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) as his partner, Marisol Nichols (“24”) as milfy Captain Angie Garza, and Nazneen Contractor (Star Trek: Into Darkness) as a sexy coroner to die for.

While we’re not thrilled with the title and the most likely absence of Tobin Bell as franchise baddie John “Jigsaw” Kramer, we are happy to have SAW still with us!

Peep it:


Will You See ‘The Invisible Man?’

Universal Pictures has released a new 30-second trailer for The Invisible Man, a modern day re-imagining of the classic H.G. Wells’ novel about a brilliant scientist who wreaks havoc on humanity when he discovers how to become invisible.

This time out, the mad scientist (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) is an abusive husband who, after conquering invisibility, feigns his own death as part of a malicious scheme to punish his very homely wife (Elisabeth Moss) for leaving him.

The Invisible Man is helmed by SAW scribe and Upgrade director Leigh Whannell. It appears in theaters Feb. 8, 2020.

Peep it:


An Island Vacation w/ Fantasy Girl Lucy Hale? We’re In!

Blumhouse has released a final trailer for its big screen adaptation of ABC’s classic late-70s/early-80s series “Fantasy Island.” Slated for release Feb. 14, the film is helmed by Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) from a script he wrote with Jillian Jacobs (Truth or Dare) and Christopher Roach (Truth or Dare).

“Fantasy Island” follows guests to a magical island where their wildest wishes come true, but with potentially devastating consequences. Lucy Hale stars as a guest to the island with Michael Pena (“Narcos: Mexico”) in the the iconic role of Mr. Roarke – made famous by Ricardo Montalban.

Peep it: