‘Insidious: Chapter 3′ May Finally Get Out of ‘Poltergeist’ Shadow!

insidious 3

Insidious is an enjoyable movie, but quite frankly we liked it better when it was 1982 and called Poltergeist. To boot, Insidious: Chapter 2 was more Poltergeist 3 in comparison to the first Poltergeist sequel, which was a gem in it’s own right thanks largely to Julian Beck’s portrayal of demon Reverend Henry Kane.

But, we digress… Focus Features has released a first trailer for Leigh Whannell’s Insidious: Chapter 3, slated to arrive in theaters May 29, 2015. The film marks the directorial debut of the Insidious and SAW co-creator, and it looks… terrifying! The series may be coming into its own now. Gave us goosebumps!

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Trailer Creeps in for Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Nightcrawler’


Open Road has released a red band trailer for writer Dan Gilroy’s (Bourne Legacy) directorial debut Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a callous douche videotaping people during moments of crisis to sell to the highest paying news network.

The official synopsis reads:

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Lou Bloom, a driven young man desperate for work who discovers the high-speed world of L.A. crime journalism. Finding a group of freelance camera crews who film crashes, fires, murder and other mayhem, Lou muscles into the cut-throat, dangerous realm of nightcrawling — where each police siren wail equals a possible windfall and victims are converted into dollars and cents.
Nightcrawler opens Oct. 31.

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Rape-Revenge Thriller ‘Julia’ Holds U.S. Premiere at Screamfest 2014!


The U.S. premiere for writer and director Matthew A. Brown’s revenge thriller Julia is set to take place Tuesday, Oct. 21 at the 14th annual Screamfest L.A. horror film festival. The film stars Ashley C. Williams as Julia Shames, victim of a brutal gang-rape using unconventional therapy to deal with the trauma.

That therapy appears to include lots of repeat stabbings.

Williams made her acting debut at the age of four in the Ron Howard fantasy Willow. Her first adult role was in Tom Six’s cult hit The Human Centipede: First Sequence, in which she played the Jan Brady of the centipede. She’s also starred in the dystopian thriller Empty and horror-comedy Paranormal Movie.

Tickets and info can be found here.

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Screamfest 2014: ‘Parlor’ Review!


Screamfest kicked off its 14th annual horror film festival with the world premiere of Parlor, a gruesome slasher set in Lithuania from writing and directing duo Kenny Gage and Devon Downs and the producers of girl-fight sensation Raze.

Parlor stars genre bad boy Robert Lasardo as an international tattoo artist with an unsavory side business of creating unique portraits on human skin. Known as “The Artist,” he has no trouble finding new canvases as American tourists are plentiful and looking to make their trip memorable with culturally relevant ink.

Finnish model/actress and real-life tattoo artist Sara Fabel plays “The Artist’s” apprentice Uta, a tall and temperamental, drop-dead sexy blonde with a voracious appetite for sex and murder. Uta lures tourists to the parlor where  “The Artist” does his work with the promise of quality tats and/or mind-blowing sex.

Uta meets American college kids Amy and Brock, played by Tiffany DeMarco and Ben Whalen, at a mansion party and invites them to return to the parlor where she lives with “The Artist.” With Amy looking to get her first tattoo and Brock on a mission to get laid, the friends accept Uta’s offer.


When Amy awakes from a drug-induced slumber, she discovers that things have taken a terrible turn. She and Brock are strapped to operating slabs, and Brock is having the skin of his back peeled off by “The Artist.” The scene is lengthy and extremely gruesome, unrelenting and cringe-worthy—in other words, awesome!

Makeup and gore effects are topnotch, believably gross and revolting. Lasardo is on point in what could very well be his most sinister role to date. What makes “The Artist” so frightening is his eerie calm and detachment. He’s an artist at work, concentrating on the task at hand.


Uta, by contrast, is a ball of emotion… okay, a wrecking ball of hate and anger. She only gets more worked up when “The Artist” takes a strong liking to Amy, coming to her rescue when Uta attempts to yank her teeth out. It’s a devilish funny scene in which “The Artist” comforts Amy by saying, “It’s okay, Amy, it’s me” with a complete lack of irony.

Amy and Brock have friends with whom they are vacationing with. Those friends notice their absence and set out to find them. It’s a bad idea, and one that triggers an intense string of unfortunate events. Most heartbreaking of all are the fates of Claire Garvey’s Kelly and gorgeous nude model Beth Humphreys’ Stephanie.

Kelly is a saucy little thing, ready to do what it takes to protect her friends. She finds Amy, who tells her “They’re skinning people… it’s so fucked” in her most valley girl drawl. It’s the best line in the entire movie, and I do believe it was intentionally understated and funny. As brutal as Parlor is, it is also very humorous in a wonderfully fucked up way.


But, back to the film’s saddest scenes. Kelly gets the jump on Uta and attempts to unlock Amy from her restraints to no avail. With Amy’s urging, she flees for help. That leads to a short, but thrilling, cat-and-mouse chase that leads to an unfortunate dead end. Stephanie experiences a similar torment to Brock’s, and it’s depressing because she has enormous breasts that she bared on screen during a more uplifting scenario.

Clever, funny, disturbingly gory, and chockful of gratuitous and beautiful nudity, Parlor is an absolute treat for horror fans.

Kenny Gage & Devon Downs


‘American Reunion’ Stunner Ali Cobrin Gets X-Rated in ‘Girlhouse’


Ali Cobrin made her feature acting debut in Joe Dante’s 2009 horror tale The Hole, but it was her topless and thong flashing role as Jason Bigg’s tipsy seductress Kara in American Reunion that landed her a place in our black hearts. Cobrin returns to horror this year in Girlhouse, a sexy homage to the sorority slasher.

Girlhouse stars Cobrin as a college student so strapped for tuition money she takes a gig as an X-rated webcam girl with a group of hot coeds streaming content from their home. All’s great until a creepy subscriber loses his shit when his account is banned and sets out to slaughter them ungrateful sluts!

Girlhouse makes its U.S. premiere at Screamfest on Monday, Oct. 20.

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Clatto Reviews: QM’s Dark Harbor 2014!


The Queen Mary’s annual Dark Harbor event is well underway in Long Beach, CA and to experience its horrors is to do Halloween right. Set a landlubbing foot on the dockyards and be swarmed by ghoulish seafaring monsters and the tormented souls of drowned or murdered sailors.

But, that’s just the candy-coated surface. Sure, it’s fun and the actors portraying the undead this year are beyond topnotch—dedicated to scaring the hell out of guests, yet friendly enough to patiently pose for a photo immediately afterwards (they don’t seem to mind you crapped your pants).

There’s also a new Voodoo Village set to a New Orleans backdrop and run by a Voodoo Priestess and her slaves. The maze in the village is pretty cinematic with rays of light shining in, piercing an otherwise dark world of black magic and sacrifice. Those who survive can also bare witness to the town’s impressive fire breathers.

Clowns run amok at the Circus maze and sideshow freaks roam the corners and host their very own Freakshow attraction. It’s fun stuff packed with genuine surprises.

BUT… what makes Dark Harbor unique and gives it an edge above all other Halloween haunts is the Queen Mary ship itself. Forget that it’s a haunt and there are numerous creeps hiding in the shadows ready to pounce on guests, the ship is just frightening! Three mazes are set in the ship: B340, Soulmate, and Submerged.

These mazes are absolutely terrifying. Navigating through each of its narrow corridors, engine rooms, and hulls in pitch black darkness really takes one out of the make-believe world. This is a real ship! B340 is a new maze and is so dark anxiety builds quickly, making one jump at the slightest noise.


B340 is a room haunted by Samuel the Savage, a passenger on the Queen Mary who was isolated in the room after a violent outburst. He was later found dead. According to Queen Mary lore, the room is so consumed by paranormal activity it remains unused to this day.

Soulmate is actually a very beautifully constructed new maze also set on board the ship. It tells the story of Graceful Gale, a doomed debutant who vanished from the ship in 1939 under mysterious circumstances. She haunts the Queen Mary in search of her true love. Keep an eye out for the Eyes Wide Shut room and Gale, who is one of the haunt’s most aggressive ghosts (she followed a woman into the restroom!).

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is not to be missed. The haunt only gets better each year. The event runs through Nov. 2. Get tickets and more info here.



Stuart Gordon’s “Re-Animator: The Musical” has officially opened and runs at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, CA Oct. 17 through Nov. 2, Fridays through Sundays. The show returns with infectious new musical numbers and all the twisted whimsy that made its original 2011 run a multi award-winning success.

Adapted from Gordon’s beloved 1985 film, the production follows the grisly havoc caused by med school students Herbert West and Dan Cain after they set out to reanimate human corpses. Graham Skipper reprises the role of West. Jesse Merlin returns as West’s nemesis and plagiarist Dr. Hill. If you saw the show’s original run, you know this insanely talented duo are reason enough to grab a seat.

Tickets are available here. If in Los Angeles, DO NOT MISS IT! Read our review of musical’s original run here.


Alexandra Breckenridge Joins Season Five of ‘The Walking Dead’


Alexandra Breckenridge is set to join AMC’s “The Walking Dead” as a recurring during the show’s recently launched fifth season and with an option to become a series regular in the sixth season, for which it has already been renewed.

Not much has been revealed about the character Breckenridge will play, but it’s pretty safe to assume it will be an attractive one. Breckenridge is no stranger to TV, having recurred on shows “The Dirt” and “Life Unexpected,” and voice acting on “Family Guy.”

Horror fans and people with penises will know Breckenridge best, however, for her portrayal of a sexy ghost maid on season one of FX’s anthology series “American Horror Story.” She’s also guest starred on HBO’s vampire soap “True Blood”


Get the ‘Urge’ to See Ashley Greene!


Twilight star Ashley Greene is set to join Pierce Brosnan in producer Aaron Kaufman’s (Sin City, Machete) directorial debut Urge. Green plays Theresa, who during an island getaway with friends discovers a designer drug that causes users to act out on their urges.

Kaufman said:

Ashley Greene brings the gravitas and intensity that the role of Theresa demands. I am very excited to collaborate with her.

Yes, you just read that.

Greene is coming off the Joe Dante horror-comedy Burying the Ex and Dark Castle’s not-so-super-natural flop The Apparition. She is best known for her role as Edward’s adopted little sister, Alice Cullen, in Summit Entertainment’s Twilight Saga.


Get a Second Helping of ‘The Walking Dead’ Premiere w/ BTS Featurette!


If you were part of the 17 million plus viewers who tuned in for the season five premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” chances are your mind is still blown by what you saw. Suspenseful, gruesome, and emotionally gripping, the show was everything fans could hope for.

To keep the excitement going, AMC has released a six-minute behind-the-scenes featurette of it’s season five premiere “No Sanctuary.” It’s pretty awesome stuff, but we’ll keep all spoilers close to the chest, so watch for yourselves below.

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