Slasher Classic ‘Pieces’ Revs Up Blu-ray Buzz!


When this lowly blogger was a prepubescent worm he was taken to a crappy movie house to watch Spanish filmmaker Juan Piquer Simón’s gruesome 1982 slasher Pieces. What he saw on screen was a boy near his own age chopping up his hot mom up with an axe and then dismembering her body with a hacksaw.

The boy had been caught by his mother working on a picture puzzle of a nude woman and had no choice but to slaughter the uptight shrew when she tried to rid him of it. It’s a tragic event that haunts the boy into adulthood and drives him to chainsaw college coeds in Boston, using their severed limbs and parts to create a likeness of his mother.

I went into that theater a boy. I came out a man. A very sick man. It has taken years to erase those images from my mind to become a well adjusted member of the human race. But, now, exploitation and restoration authority Grindhouse Releasing is threatening my mental stability with the official Blu-ray release of Pieces, presented in 4K transfer scanned from the original camera negative!

The 3-disc Pieces Blu-ray includes the original, unrated U.S. theatrical version and the original, Spanish-language uncensored director’s cut, Mil Gritos Tiene La Noche, with English subtitles. In addition to the films, the set comes with a bonus CD of the original soundtrack, remastered from the original studio tapes.

A new feature-length documentary, 42nd Street Memories, and new audio commentary from star Jack Taylor and a shitload of numerous other deranged treats are included as well. For complete details and for theatrical screening information on Pieces, visit Grindhouse Releasing online. Pre-order at Amazon and Diabolik.


‘Welcome to the Willits’ with Sabina Gadecki!

Sabina Gadecki

We don’t see nearly enough Sabina Gadecki in our beloved horror genre so it’s exciting news to discover the model-turned-actress will co-star alongside Bill Sage (”Boardwalk Empire”) and Dolph Lundgren (Expendables) in director Trevor Ryan’s creature-feature Welcome to the Willits.

Set deep in the Northern California woods, Welcome to the Willits finds a pot farmer (Sage) and his hot wife (Gadecki) trying to fend off mysterious and deadly creatures amid a group of wayward campers. Co-stars include Rory Culkin (Scream 4), Thomas Dekker (Nightmare On Elm Street), and Anastasia Baranova (”Z Nation”).

Gadecki is coming off Jack Heller’s Dark Was the Night with Kevin Durand and is the former host of the Travel Channel’s “World Poker Tour.” “Entourage” fans will also recognize her as Eric’s girlfriend in the recent big screen adaptation of the hit HBO show.


New ‘Witch’ Trailer Is a Wicked Brew of Malice & Mayhem!


A new trailer for A24’s upcoming frightener The VVitch has gone online and it is creepy as fuck. Set to open Feb. 19, the film follows a Church banished farmer in 1630 England as he and his family take residence near a forest believed to be haunted by an evil force.

The film marks the acclaimed feature debut of director Robert Eggers and stars newcomer Anya Taylor Joy (”Atlantis”) as the farmer’s daughter suspected and accused of practicing witchcraft.

Peep it:



IFC Midnight has released a trailer for producer Eli Roth’s remake of his gory 2002 classic Cabin Fever. Travis Zariwny helms the film from Cabin Fever writer Randy Pearlstein’s original script. While the plot remains the same, producers stress the kills are new and “ingenious.”

Cabin Fever follows a group of friends as they fall victim to a disgusting flesh-eating virus while vacationing in an isolated cabin in the woods. “Teen Wolf”  star Gage Golightly toplines the film and co-stars with Louise Linton (The Echo), Dustin Ingram (Paranormal Activity 3) and Nadine Crocker (Deadgirl).

Trailer looks every bit as fun as the original Cabin Fever and touches on its most memorably gruesome moments, making us curious to see how more outrageous the new stuff will be. As a direct-to-video franchises, it’s one of the best – Patient Zero especially exceptional – so we’re feeling good about this.

Cabin Fever strikes Feb. 12 in limited theatrical release and VOD.

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Amber Heard Whets Your Appetite for ‘Aquaman’


Amber Heard is in talks with Warner Bros. to star with Jason Momoa in James Wan’s Aquaman. Heard is being considered for the role of Mera, Aquaman’s love interest and the queen of Atlantis. If cast, Heard will make her debut as Mera in Zac Snyder’s Justice League, the first in the studio’s DC Universe movies.

Mera made her debut in DC Comics in 1963 and, in addition to serving up some juicy red snapper to Aquaman, has the abilities to control and solidify water. No word on if Heard’s costume includes a seashell bikini top.

Heard is the very alluring star of genre flicks Machete Kills, Drive Angry, Zombieland, The Ward, The Stepfather, And Soon the Darkness and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.  She is also a part of Clatto’s list of The Hottest Women Working in Horror Today.

Aquaman arrives in theaters on July 27, 2018. Justice League shoots in April and is slated for release Nov. 17, 2017.


Amy Smart Swings Into ‘The Hangman’


Amy Smart returns to the genre that loves her in Adam Mason’s (Pig) new home invasion frightener The Hangman. Jeremy Sisto (Suburgatory) and Kate Ashfield (Byzantium) star as a married couple with kids who return from holiday to find their home has been broken into.

What the family doesn’t know is the intruder remains inside. The film is shot from the killer’s perspective and releases on DVD and Blu-ray Feb. 9.  Smart only plays a small role in the film, but commands the screen because she’s…, well,  Amy Smart.

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You Can Find the ‘Cloverfield’ Sequel at ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’


Fans of 2008 sci-fi thriller Cloverfield are besides themselves over Paramount Pictures newly released trailer for producer J.J. Abrams’ surprise sequel 10 Cloverfield Lane. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (The Thing), John Gallagher Jr. (Jonah Hex), and John Goodman.

Described by Abrams as a “blood relative” of Cloverfield, the new film finds its three stars living in an underground bunker after what they believe has been a nuclear fallout, but soon to be threatened with a new breed of monster.

10 Cloverfield Lane arrives March 11.

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First Peek Underneath Jessica Alba’s ‘Veil’


Universal has released a trailer for Blumhouse Tilt’s new supernatural thriller The Veil. Directed by Phil Joanou (Gridiron Gang) and written by Robert Ben Garant (Jessabelle), the film follows the lone survivor of a mass cult suicide who takes a documentary filmmaker to the compound where it all went down.

Jessica Alba toplines the film as the documentarian shooting survivor Lily Rabe’s (”American Horror Story”) account of the strange happenings experienced at the hands of a mysterious and powerful cult leader, played by Thomas Jane (Punisher). It arrives on VOD Feb. 2.

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We’d ‘Ratter’ See Ashley Benson In a Bikini, But This Looks Good Too!


“Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson toplines Sony Pictures’ Ratter, a new cyber-thriller from newbie director Branden Kramer, set for release March 1 on DVD and digital platforms. Benson plays a New York City grad student originally from the Midwest who becomes the victim of a cyber-stalker.

Benson currently plays fattie-turned-hottie Hanna Marin on ABC Family’s teen soap “Pretty Little Liars” and is coming off the video game based, sci-fi comedy Pixels.  She was also a recurring on ABC’s short-lived witch series “Eastwick.” But to those of us with penises, she’s the hotter, bustier chick from Spring Breakers.

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Who Wants to Live in a ‘High-Rise’ w/ Sienna Miller and No Poor People?


A trailer has gone online for Studio Canal’s upcoming psychological thriller High-Rise, starring Tom Hiddlestone (Thor), Luke Evans (No One Lives), Jeremy Irons (Batman v Superman), and Sienna Miller (The Girl) as tenants in a luxurious skyscraper designed to keep the wealthy high above the poor.

It’s all wonderful until power outages and structure flaws start to give way to infiltration from those on the lower floors. Hiddlestone plays the building’s newest well-to-do resident, Evans is a married documentarian with a baby on the way, Irons is the tower’s architect, and Miller a bohemian MILF neighbor.

High-Rise arrives March 18.

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