Is Jenna Elfman Abraham’s Wife on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Crossover?


Jenna Elfman (”Dharma & Greg”) is set to join the fourth season of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” as a series regular. Character details have not been revealed, but with the show most likely moving its location to Texas we speculate Elfman’s role could be that of “The Walking Dead’s” Abraham Ford’s wife!

A crossover event between the two series was announced at this year’s New York Comic Con and Abraham’s Texas-rooted backstory – and overall popularity – makes him a prime candidate. Abraham’s wife abandoned him with their two kids during the apocalypse after growing scared of what he’d become.

That choice would lead to their rightful demise… dumb-asses.

Now, we know Elfman’s casting is as a season four regular and actor Michael Cudlitz would reprise his role as Abraham for a short stint so there’s a chance we’re just talking out our asses, but maybe we see them together for awhile and then stick with her as she attempts to survive, leading to that rightful demise.

We’re probably wrong, but… made you look :)


Casey O’Keefe Is Dreaming of a Cannibal Christmas!

casey o'keefe-hot

Sexy up-and-comer Casey O’Keefe is set to warm the cockles of your heart as a beautiful young woman who falls for a fat guy and takes him home for the holidays to meet her family in Gravitas Ventures’ Mercy Christmas, arriving on VOD Nov. 28.

But, don’t be fooled by the pretty blonde’s seemingly kind actions. She’s having the poor tubby bastard over for dinner as the main course! Might be a fair exchange if you ask us – assuming he’s already stuffed her stocking.

Peep it:


Shauna Macdonald ‘Nails’ It!

Shauna Macdonald-Nails

Hospitals are scary. If the jaded, inept nursing staff doesn’t kill you, the malevolent spirits of the dead patients just might! The latter appears to be what ails Shauna Macdonald (The Descent) in Dark Sky Films’ newly released frightener Nails.

Macdonald plays Dana, a mother and track coach left temporarily paralyzed by a terrible auto accident and tormented by a hospital boogeyman no ones believes to be real. Looks like terrifying stuff. Let’s hope there’s a glimpse of Macdonald in a backless hospital gown to ease the tension!

Peep it:


Does Romanian Stunner Alexandra Dinu Go Nude In ‘Bullet Head’


Romanian actress Alexandra Dinu co-stars alongside an award-winning cast in Bullet Head, a star-studded indie-thriller from writer and director Paul Solet, the twisted mind behind 2009’s sad and creepy dead-baby drama Grace.

Bullet Head follows three career criminals eluding capture after a heist gone wrong in a seemingly abandoned warehouse unaware of the bloodthirsty pit bull inside. John Malkovich, Adrien Brody, and Rory Culkin play the endangered thieves. Antonio Banderas is the gun-toting maniac on their ass.

Dinu plays Brody’s girlfriend. The film is rated R for violence, bloody imagery, drug use, and nudity(!) so let’s hope there’s a lot more to see from Dinu and not just some random shot of Malkovich’s old, saggy ass.

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Stranger Things: ‘Strangers: Prey at Night’ Unleashes Teaser, Website!


Aviron Pictures has released a teaser for Strangers: Prey at Night, the long gestating and eagerly awaited sequel to Bryan Bertino’s terrifying 2008 home invasion classic, The Strangers. Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down) is at the helm with a script penned by Bertino and Ben Ketai (30 Days of Night: Dark Days).

Christina Hendricks (”Mad Men”) plays the busty matriarch of a family stranded at an abandoned trailer park and tormented by three masked killers: Pin-up Girl (Lea Enslin), Dollface (Emma Bellomy), and Man in the Mask (Damian Maffei).

Strangers was terrifying and brutal and, despite the retarded subtitle, the sequel is looking pretty intense. Watching the burlap sack guy pull up in the truck or give chase in a pool is fucking freaky! Slated for release March 9, 2018. Check out the creepy website.

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Sabina Gadecki Drives ‘The Ninth Passenger’


Imagine being on a beautiful island in the middle of the night with Sabina Gadecki. Sounds pretty nice until you realize there’s something trying to kill you both. Nothing spoils the mood quicker than the need to keep breathing. But, what’s this cock-blocking murderous force and can it be stopped?

That’s what a group of college kids out at sea for some college kid fun must figure out in The Ninth Passenger. No details on Gadecki’s role in the thriller, but let’s hope it involves a bikini and low camera angles. The film is currently seeking distribution, but a trailer has gone online.

Peep it:


‘Jigsaw’ Star Hannah Emily Anderson Knows ‘What Keeps You Alive’


Hannah Emily Anderson, the sexy tatted forensic pathologist in the SAW prequel Jigsaw, is playing games again in What Keeps You Alive, a psychological thriller from writer/director Colin Minihan (Grave Encounters) that finds the sexy redhead in an embittered battle with her wife on their first year anniversary.

Playing Anderson’s hot lady lover is her Jigsaw co-star Brittany Allen. Okay, we don’t really know exactly how hot Allen is – she was wearing a bucket on her head for most of her screen time on Jigsaw and when it was off her face was melting, but… lesbians!

No major details on the film so we don’t know why they’re at each other’s throats or more importantly if they kiss, get naked, and/or scissor, but we’re already intrigued!



“Teen Wolf” and “Gotham” alumna Crystal Reed is heading back to the big screen in Incident at Ghost Land, a supernatural thriller from Martyrs‘ writer/director Pascal Laugier. The film marks Reed’s return to horror since 2013’s teen psycho-bitch thriller Crush.

Incident at Ghost Land stars Reed as a successful horror novelist living with her traumatized sister in the house where home invading assholes once threatened their lives and that of their mom’s 16 years ago. All is fine until a reunion with their mother triggers strange occurrences in their home.

Co-starring alongside Reed are Anastasia Phillips (”Reign”) as her loony sister and Mylène Farmer (Giorgino) as her mother. Taylor Hickson (Deadpool) and Emily Jones (High-Rise) play younger versions of the sisters. Incident at Ghost Land is slated for release April 2018.


‘It Came From the Desert’ For Vanessa Grasse!


Up-and-comer Vanessa Grasse co-stars in It Came From the Desert, an adaptation of the 1989 video game from its developer Cinemaware and Roger! Pictures. An ode to creature features of the 50’s, the film pits giant ants against a motocross enthusiasts.

Fright fans may recognize Grasse from her feature film debut as an abducted nurse in this year’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel Leatherface. Prior to that, she made her acting debut in the 2015 Syfy flick, Roboshark.

It Came From the Desert looks awesome, but can it beat the giant ant horror-comedy Dead Ant?

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‘Girls’ Star & Rimjob Icon Allison Williams is ‘Perfection’


Allison Williams, the only attractive star of HBO’s “Girls,” is set to star in The Perfection, a psychological thriller about two cello prodigies and “a sinister obsession.” The film reunites Williams with “Girls” director Richard Shepard and marks her big screen followup to her horror debut, Get Out.

Shepard said:

It’s truly exciting to be reunited with Allison. Our time together during the six seasons of Girls was amazing. I loved watching her grow as an actress, and a person and I was thinking of her the entire time we were writing this movie. I can’t wait to bring a different side of Allison to the screen.

That sounds great and all, but of all Allison’s sides, we like this one the most: