‘True Blood’ Star Lindsay Pulsipher Gets Bloodier in ‘The Oregonian’


“True Blood” shapeshifter Lindsay Pulsipher stars as a woman trapped in her boyfriend’s artsy-fartsy ode to David Lynch in The Oregonian, the feature film debut of writer/director and aforementioned boyfriend Calvin Lee Reeder. The film will debut at next month’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Folks at Twitch got the trailer. Take a look:

The film’s Sundance synopsis reads:

There is a place. A place where the skies are wide and the forests are thick—and strange. You can lose yourself forever in these woods. You’ll meet truckers with problems and old women with strange powers. You may even make a furry friend. Just be sure to stay quiet.

Spend some time with a woman from Oregon who is lost on the road and running away from her past. Now she has a chance to experience everything the grotesque Northwest has to offer, whether she likes it or not.

Pulsipher has made appearances on ABC’s “FlashForward” and  Showtime’s “Masters of Horrors,” but is best known for her turn as werepanther Crystal Norris on season three of the hit HBO vampire series “True Blood.”

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