Model/actress Tawny Amber Young may not have gotten a chance to rock Bret Michaels’ world on VH1’s “Rock of Love,” but she’s making ours spin as go-go dancer Temperance in Freakshow Entertainment’s outrageous ode to exploitation cinema Nude Nuns with Big Guns.

The 5-foot-5, busty stunner has also got a string of indie-frighteners coming down the pike, among them the Joe Hollow slasher Cut, Brandon Slagle’s Vivid, and Eric Anthony Pereira’s cannibal-themed thriller The Locals.

Clatto managed to track Tawny down to talk about these projects and to shoot the shit about nuns, nudity, and nasty little revenge fantasies. Read on and don’t forget to visit Tawny at her Facebook page.

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MUERTOS: Nude Nuns with Big Guns. A lot of actresses would run away from a title like that. What made you think hell yeah I’m in?

TAWNY: Yes, the title makes people raise an eyebrow and wonder (laughs)! I had to explain myself a number of times to friends about what the movie is about. I love it though. The title does pull people in! The title didn’t scare me away though. I beat my own drum and play characters that interest me. It just sounded like it would be a lot of fun, and it was!

MUERTOS: Tell us about your character Temperance?

TAWNY: Temperance is one of Chavo’s girls. She’s fun, good at pool and loves to watch the other girls with Chavo! She’s a go-go dancer at their Biker bar.

MUERTOS: What was your favorite scene in the movie to shoot?

TAWNY: All of it was so much fun it’s hard to pick. I’d have to go with the pool table scene since it gave me something to do in-between resetting. I also had fun in my scene with Devanny Pinn!


MUERTOS: Have you ever met a scary nun in your life?

TAWNY: No I can’t say that I have. I do come from a strong catholic family though, so I’ve heard stories from the past of nuns with rulers and hitting my grandma on her left hand since she was left handed. I’m left handed and I’m happy that doesn’t happen anymore.

MUERTOS: There’s a lot of nudity in NNBG. In your modeling career, you have done nude shoots. How much harder is it to do on film?

TAWNY: I don’t know if I would say nudity is harder on film, it’s just different. With film you just keep moving and playing your character and in modeling you hold poses. Both situations have a crew so the number of people isn’t really a factor. Both try to make you as comfortable as possible. Now, I’m just use to it. It’s not a big deal.

MUERTOS: Does it concern you at all that those scenes often end up leaked online?

TAWNY: No it doesn’t bother me at all. It may bother the producer and director more than me (laughs). Modeling for Playboy has put my photos out their already so there is no going back and trying to hide. I just embrace it. I’m proud of what I’m rockin’ and a little more P.R. and more fans is always a good thing.


MUERTOS: God bless you! NNBG is a violent revenge thriller in which Sister Sarah shoots, stabs, maims, and murders those who raped and left her for dead. If you were to even the score with all who have wronged you, what would your weapon of choice be and why?

TAWNY: That is a brilliant question and tons have done me dirty (laughs)! I do the killing-with-kindness thing now, but that’s no fun. Hypothetically, I’d probably have to knock them out and play plastic surgeon on them 🙂 But, Gerard Butler stole that idea in Law Abiding Citizen. Mine would just be cleaner and I’d wear a sexy nurse outfit!

MUERTOS: Nice. Would any of your victims be castmates from “Rock of Love?”

TAWNY: I wasn’t there long enough to gain enemies. Some girls were starting to get on my nerves a little, but none were close enough for a good killing. Probably just good enough for a kick down a set of stairs.


MUERTOS: What can you tell us about your roles in Vivid and Cut?

TAWNY: I don’t wanna give away too much so I’ll give ya a little bite. In Vivid I play a character called the Nymph. The scenes are just very colorful and bright, it’s a very seductive and entrancing. In Cut I play Maria, a member of this really messed up, confused sadistic family. Maria just finds herself conflicted as to what she whats to do and what side she truly stands on.

MUERTOS: Will there be more horror/sci-fi projects in your future? Any you can tip us off to now?

TAWNY: I’m actually working on The Locals which is directed by Eric Anthony Pereira and has great talent like Devanny Pinn, Brandon Slagle, Erik Preston, and Angie Savage. We are almost wrapped on that. Also just signed up to do Bloody Wedding a couple days ago. I don’t have much info on this one but the script is fun. So I’m working on two at the same time! I’m very excited!!!

MUERTOS: What is the best horror/sci-fi film ever made?

TAWNY: I really am a fan of House of a 1000 Corpses! It’s just so out there. I wouldn’t want to be in those situations at all. I love the series called ” Dead Set.” It’s about the zombie apocalypse while focusing on people doing the show ” Big Brother”. It’s based in England. It’s awesome!


MUERTOS: What about the lamest?

TAWNY: A few of the recent ones in my memory that I’m not a fan of are “The Zombies Diaries” for one. I didn’t even get that one. It was all over the place. The transition with scenes and the characters was confusing. I was lost and then disappointed. I was yelling at the screen during the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. That was just HORRIBLE.

I wasn’t a fan of The Last Exorcism. It could’ve been so much better. The ending left me empty. All this build up with no finish (laughs).

MUERTOS: Personally, what scares and/or freaks the shit out of you?

TAWNY: Zombies!!!!! I’m one of those people that thinks it will actually happen.

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