Footage from writer/director Andrew Niccol’s (Gattaca) upcoming sci-fi dystopian-thriller In Time (previously entitled Now) was premiered today at the film’s Comic-Con panel. Clocking in at almost four-minutes, the reel sets up Niccol’s story about a futuristic society where people physically stop aging at 25 and must find ways to buy or exchange time to live on.

Justin Timberlake stars as Will, a fugitive wanted for taking time that is not legally his. Amanda Seyfried is his hostage-turned-ally Sylvia, a bored-to-death socialite with too much time on her hands. Together they try to stay ahead of gangster Fortis and Time Keeper Raymond Leon, played by Alex Pettyfer and Cillian Murphy, respectively.

Olivia Wilde is also along for the ride as Will’s insanely hot mom.

Peep it (via IGN):

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