Oscar nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg is suing Lionsgate Entertainment and Grindstone Entertainment for $3 million in damages suffered for “alleged misappropriation of right of publicity and unfair business practices” in the marketing of the horror film Camp Hell.

Eisenberg, who was paid $3,000 for what is essentially a cameo, is upset that the studios are pushing the bible-camp set thriller as an Eisenberg vehicle, posting his geeky mug predominantly on the movie’s sleeve and marketing materials.

Lawyers for the Rio and Social Network star filed the lawsuit on Nov. 23 in Los Angeles Superior Court (you can chew on the legalese¬†here), explaining the action as way to keep the actor’s fans from being bamboozled.

While the majority of the public will debate whether Eisenberg is a douche-bag for suing or is truly being taken advantage of by the studios, I just feel bad for Camp Hell leads Andrew McCarthy and Dana Delany. This can’t be good for their egos.


McCarthy starred in such ’80s hits as Heaven Help Us, St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink, Mannequin, and Weekend at Bernie’s (pictured above). Unfortunately, his deal with the devil must have dissolved after Bernie’s 2 and, well, here he is.

Delany, who rose to fame on ’80s drama “China Beach,” is experiencing a resurgence in her career, having starred for three seasons on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” and currently toplining the studio’s new medical dramedy “Body of Proof.” Still, she apparently knows better than to say no to a rent-check.

Eisenberg may be hot today, but there may come a time when his magical Jew-fro will fail to draw audiences and he’ll consider himself fortunate to star as the janitor with a mysterious past in a home video original. Hopefully, no one will make him feel like a loser for doing so.

I guess what I’m saying is that I really like Michael Cera.

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