J.J. Abrams Teases New Mystery Project with Trailer!


J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions has released a minute long teaser-trailer for its mysterious new project. Titled “Stranger,” the clip is in black-and-white and features some dude with his mouth sewn up frolicking in the ocean.

The narration says:

He arrived knowing nothing of himself. Who is he? Soon he will know. Because what begins at the water shall end there. And what ends there shall once more begin. This is what happens when we become lost, when we vanish, when we are erased and reborn.

It’s unknown if the Bad Robot project is a film, TV program or web series. What we do know is that it isn’t Star Wars: Episode VII so like whatever, right? I will say, however, that the music and religious overtones in the teaser remind me of “LOST.” Could it be a relaunch? That’d be interesting, but I’m guessing unlikely.

Peep it:

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