Spend ‘400 Days’ with ‘Arrow’s’ Caity Lotz!


Deadline is reporting that comedian/actor Dane Cook and one-time Superman Brandon Routh are toplining New Artists Alliance and XLrator Media’s new sci-fi thriller 400 Days. Why that casting is viewed as a selling point, we have no idea. The hot news here is “Arrow” stunner Caity Lotz also stars.

400 Days tells the story of four astronauts sent on a simulated deep space mission to test its effects on the mind. The group goes batty after being isolated from the outside world for 400 days. The reality that awaits them when they return, however, is a lot more frightening.

Lotz is best known for playing Canary on The CW’s superhero series “Arrow” and Anna Draper’s niece on AMC’s “Mad Men.” She starred on MTV’s short-lived horror-comedy show “Death Valley” and toplined writer/director Nicholas McCarthy’s creepy ghost story, The Pact.

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