Oops! Ashley Greene Stumbles Into ‘The Accident Man’


Ashley Greene is set to star in The Accident Man, a big screen adaptation of 90s U.K. comic “Toxic” from director Jesse Johnson (The Package) – yeah, we don’t know who that is either, but he cast Greene so we already like his style!

The Accident Man follows an assassin who makes his hits look like unfortunate mishaps. When his ex-girlfriend is murdered, he loses control and goes on a homicidal quest to avenge her with the help of her girlfriend, played by Greene.

Greene is coming off fright legend Joe Dante’s horror-comedy Burying the Ex, the Weinstein Company’s Kristy, and the supernatural thriller The Apparition. Greene is best known for her role as Edward’s adopted little sister, Alice Cullen, in Summit Entertainment’s Twilight Saga.

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