‘Rings’ Stunner Matilda Lutz Is Breaking Balls in Rape ‘Revenge’ Thriller!


Last we saw Italian stunner Matilda Lutz, she faced off against vengeful spirit Samara in this year’s Rings. Now, she’s set to take on even more frightening evil: horny men. Lutz plays a hot, young mistress raped by her sugar-daddy’s friends during a hunting trip in French director Coralie Fargeat’s feature debut, Revenge.

Rape/revenge films are sweet for the rape first half of the film before the protagonist gets the upper hand and balls start getting chopped and shot to smithereens. That’s the part with the gratuitous T&A. Sure the nut blasting is warranted, but no guy wants to sit around for that. It’s only there to justify the fucked up part anyway.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure Revenge will honor the rules. Lutz has yet to do nudity on camera and with a female director at the helm, there’s a good chance Revenge will just be a feminist wet dream chockful of scrotum splatter. But, who are we kidding? Lutz in tiny booty-shorts? We’ll watch (sorry, balls).


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