We’re So Ready to Spend a Week with Samara in ‘Rings’


Paramount Pictures has released a new and much better trailer for its second full-length sequel to its horrifying 2002 blockbuster The Ring. The film is titled Rings and is directed by Spanish filmmaker F. Javier Gutierrez (Before the Fall).

Rings shares the title of the 2005 Jonathan Liebesman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) short film bridging The Ring and The Ring 2, both starring Naomi Watts. In the short, cults called Rings have emerged and challenge each other to watching the cursed videotape.

Gutierrez’s Rings stars Italian actress Matilda Lutz as a woman desperately trying to save her boyfriend after he gets caught up in “a dark subculture surrounding a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher seven days after he has viewed it.”

Peep it:

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