Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for its sequel to director Joel Schumacher’s Flatliners, a 1990 sci-fi thriller about med-school students conducting near-death experiments to see what lies in the afterlife. Niels Arden Oplevscribe (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) directs and Ben Ripley (Source Code) pens.

Nina Dobrev (“Vampire Diaries”) is the group’s hot chick and so we all will rightfully want her to survive over co-stars Diego Luna (Rogue One), Ellen Page (Juno), Kiersey Clemens (Neighbors 2) and James Norton (Rush). But, for our Redbox dollar, we’re most invested in model/actress Charlotte McKinney’s fate.

McKinney, who first came to fame in a Carl’s Jr. ad for Super Bowl XLIX in which she jiggly struts through a farmer’s market seeming nude, plays a nurse with enormous boobs who has sex with Norton’s character. That’s all we know – no thanks to this trailer which keeps McKinney outta sight! Asshole trailer.

Peep it:

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