Francesca Eastwood Makes Your Day w/ Nude Debut in M.F.A.


Francesca Eastwood, daughter of movie icon Clint Eastwood, is out for some Dirty Harry type justice in M.F.A., a revenge drama starring Eastwood as a college rape victim turned vigilante when she inadvertently kills her assailant during a confrontation and uncovers the rampant rape culture on her campus.

Dark Sky Films releases M.F.A. on Oct. 13. Early reviews reveal the film is a bit on the chatty side, but Eastwood does flash some boob (thanks, Mr. Skin) so you can still get some enjoyment from the flick while appearing sensitive at the theater – just keep your pants zipped!

Eastwood’s genre creds include playing mutant Molly Walker on NBC event series “Heroes Reborn” and co-starring in photographer and then boyfriend Tyler Shield’s revenge thriller Final Girl. She is best know for burning a $100K Birkin bag in a photo shoot for Shields.

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