Screamfest 2017 Award Winners Announced!


The 17th annual Screamfest Horror Film Festival came to a close this week with the announcement of its Skully Award Show winners. Mexican ghost story Tigers Are Not Afraid took top honors, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress.

That left very little to go around. Fortunately, for Dead Ant, no one slipped on a banana peel or took a pie to the face in Tigers Are Not Afraid, leaving the Best Horror Comedy prize up for grabs. The comedic creature-feature pits an aging hair metal band against giant ants. If you haven’t read our review of Dead Ant, here’s a spoiler: it rocks!

Congrats to everyone!

The winners are:

Best Picture – Tigers Are Not Afraid

Best Horror Comedy – Dead Ant

Best Director   – Issa López – Tigers Are Not Afraid

Best Actor – Juan Ramón López – Tigers Are Not Afraid

Best Actress – Paola Lara – Tigers Are Not Afraid

Career Achievement Award – Marianne Maddalena

Best Musical Score – Duccio Giulivi – The Laplace’s Demon

Best Editing – Joaquim Marti – Tigers Are Not Afraid

Best Visual FX  – Giordano Giulivi & Alessandro Zonfrilli – The Laplace’s Demon

Best Special FX   Giordano Giulivi – The Laplace’s Demon

Best Cinematography – Ferdinando D’Urbano – The Laplace’s Demon

Best Makeup – Creature Effects – Tragedy Girls

Best Short – Holy Fatma – Please Love Me Forever

Best Unproduced Screenplay – U-666 by Jacqueline Perez

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