Sarah Shahi (“Person of Interest”) stars in the new NBC sci-fi series, Reverie. The show premiered this week to disappointing ratings, suggesting it may be time to get Shahi in a bikini and/or lesbian scene to prevent cancellation — you can never act too soon, people’s jobs are on the line!

Shahi plays a former hostage negotiator-turned-college professor hired for her expertise in human behavior to bring people back from a cutting-edge and extremely addicting virtual reality program designed to help them escape their shitty lives. Those who don’t return risk said shitty lives.

Shahi is best known as brooding, bisexual government assassin Dr. Sameen Shaw on the CBS police procedural and AI sci-fi drama “Person of Interest” and sexy lesbian DJ Carmen de la Pica Morales on Showtimes’ “The L Word.”

Peep it:

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