Jacqueline Wright Meets Rapey, Violent Man of Her Dreams In ‘Eat Me’


There’s nothing Clatto enjoys more than a romance tale, especially one between unlikely couples going against the odds to come together. It’s why we’re excited for Eat Me, a controversial home invasion thriller about an emotionally wrecked woman who on the night of her suicide attempt meets the rapey and violent intruder of her dreams.

Critics are having a difficult time with the sexual abuse and violence (rape, sodomy, golden showers, puppy-play — no anal tho :(), but remain generous in their review of screenwriter and lead Jacqueline Wright, who adapted the screenplay from her own stage play.

We just hope these crazy kids make it!

The Hollywood Reporter calls Eat Me a “repugnant showcase” and would not describe the scenes it found offensive, noting in their review:

Bob decides to take advantage of Tommy’s vulnerable state. He proceeds to sexually assault her and perform a series of other humiliating and violent atrocities as she remains nearly comatose (For the sake of the reader’s delicate sensibilities, the specific acts won’t be described here, but only those with very strong stomachs should dare seeing the film.)

Our stomachs routinely survive the menu at Taco Bell so we’re sure Eat Me will sit just fine with us. Eat Me is now playing in selected theaters and streaming platforms.

Peep it:

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