Louisa Krause (“Girlfriend Experience”) co-stars alongside Val Kilmer (Tombstone) in The Super, a new thriller from Black Swan screenwriter John J. McLaughlin and “Law & Order” franchise producer Dick Wolf, arriving on DVD/Blu-ray Dec. 18.

The movie follows a retired and widowed cop and his bratty daughters as they move into the old New York apartment where dad will begin his new gig as superintendent. It’s not a bad deal until dead bodies start popping up and creepy Val Kilmer acts guilty as sin. Krause plays a hot tenant.

Horror fans may know Krause from the underrated thriller The Abandoned, in which she played a single MILF working night security at an abandoned luxury apartment complex to regain custody of her kid. Hooker fans may know her from STARZ’s “Girlfriend Experience,” in which she played a hot high-end prostitute.

Peep it:

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