Cat’s Out of the Bag: ‘Pet Sematary’ Arrives In 4DX!


Pet Sematary opens in theaters April 5 and will be available in 4DX, an immersive cinematic format, featuring motion-synchronized seats, environmental effects (i.e. wind, rain, scents), and vibration. Paramount Pictures and CJ 4DPLEX made the announcement earlier this month and the time is finally upon us!

Mark Viane, President of International Theatrical Distribution at Paramount Pictures, said:

Paramount Pictures is always looking to create new and engaging experiences for audiences, and we are excited to utilize new technologies like 4DX to showcase great stories in unique new ways.

Clatto experienced 4DX for the first time at Regal Cinemas’ inaugural 4DX Horror Fest last Halloween. We were impressed with how immersive the experience becomes once you get over its initial novelty and get sucked into the story.

Pet Sematary stars Jason Clarke (Terminator: Genysis) as a doctor who transplants his family from Boston to Maine only to suffer a tragedy that leads him to seek help from his creepy new neighbor and a mysterious burial ground.

An adaptation of the Stephen King page-turner, Pet Sematary is helmed by directing duo Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer (Starry Eyes) and penned by Jeff Buhler (Midnight Meat Train).

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