Model-turned-actress Beau Garrett (Tron: Legacy) stars alongside Josh Duhamel (Transformers) and stunner Rebekah Graf (The Dirt) in Capsized: Blood in the Water, an original scripted shark thriller set to premiere July 31st  as part of the Discovery Channel’s 31st annual “Shark Week.”

The film is a reunion for Garrett and Duhamel, who co-starred together in 2006’s highly underrated abduction frightener Turistas—Garrett’s major movie acting debut.

Based on a true story, Capsized: Blood in the Water follows the crew of an overturned yacht as they drift in the Atlantic fending off man-eating tiger sharks out to devour them for a tasty meal. But, hey, remember sharks are nice and like people and are probably more scared of you…

Get outta here, Shark Week, and sell that crazy to the peeps that got eaten alive and inspired this horrific tale! Shark Week premieres this year on July 28.

Peep it:

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