Michelle Monaghan Gets ‘Craft’-y In Blumhouse Reboot!

“True Detective” stunner Michelle Monaghan is set to star in the Blumhouse reboot of the 1996 teen witch thriller The Craft. Executive produced by original writer/director Andrew Fleming, the new film is written and directed by Zoe Lister-Jones, who also starred in the highly underrated CBS comedy series “Life In Pieces.”

The Craft will once again center on a new student at a Catholic high school recruited by a group of young, misfit witches eager to curse anyone who wrongs them. No word on what role Monaghan is playing.

Best known for her ongoing role as Agent Ethan Hunt’s wife/ex-wife in the Mission Impossible series and a butt-flashing turn on season one of HBO’s “True Detective,” Monaghan has also starred in noteworthy thrillers Source Code, Eagle Eye, and Gone Baby Gone.

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