Kate Beckinsale brings her hot British milf-y-ness to The Immaculate Room, a psychological thriller that isn’t a sequel to her 2016 effort, The Disappointments Room. Set to release later this year from Screen Media, producers describe the film as an intelligent and sexy sci-fi actioner which we hope translates to Beckinsale in skimpy undies.

Beckinsale costars with Emile Hirsche as a happily married couple offered five million dollars to live in a white room for 50 days. The room, of course, reveals secrets and personal demons that threatened to destroy their marriage.

Beckinsale is best known for her role as sexy death dealer Selene in Screen Gems’ popular Underworld franchise. She’s also had notable roles in Stephen Sommers’ 2004 vampire-thriller Van Helsing, Nimrod Antal’s Vacancy, the Adam Sandler sci-fi dramedy Click, and 2012’s Total Recall reboot.

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